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  • +LokiCat no there's not. It's C O L O R. Got it?
    If ur from Brittan than im sorry... im in America. That's just how it's spelled here. Xd

    Haleigh Aug 20 '16, 2:25AM
  • Which color fits your personality?
    Your Result: Shadowy Black

    You're shadowy black. You're dark and mysterious and more of a loner. You occasionally like to break the rules and go your own way. You're a bit of a rebel and you keep things to yourself but sometimes you just have to let it go. Element: dark/death

    38%Sweet and Shy Blue

    32%Passionate Red

    30%Pumped up Purple

    28%Bright Yellow/ Bubbly pink

    23%Zany Green


    Haleigh Aug 20 '16, 2:20AM
  • Black YAAAAAAAAAS but my spirit animal is a hyena and there's a 'u' in colour.

    LokiCat Mar 23 '16, 4:08PM
  • who got green? I got red

    SuperMinecraft Mar 12 '16, 5:33PM
  • I posted that last comment. I changed my username. I took the quiz again and got green. green is my favourite!

    Curlyfries Mar 5 '16, 12:30AM
  • I wanted black but I got purple. Im sad.

    Retard3 Feb 20 '16, 11:48PM
  • Got sweet shy blue at 56%, with bright yellow bubbly pink at 52%. Talk about a conflict!

    cxxccxxc Feb 12 '16, 9:00AM

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