which Candidate is Right for YOU!!!

Are you confused on who to vote? Agree on something about a candidate, but are still not sure? Well then you are lucky, because you got a quiz to help you pick the right candidate for you.

A quiz that will help you to show the way to right president of the America. This year the decision is in your hands America. Please make a choice of the right candidate, and don't follow someone in blind steps. Take this quiz to open your mind!!!

Created by: Moe of Truth YOU Can TRUST
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. How long are you willing the war in Iraq last?
Lets pull out right now. We have seen enough...
Just give them end of this year, then we will start talks to pull out.
Stay there till the violence is down, then lets go to Afganistan.
18 months. i like those talks
End of the dacade sound resonable to me.
Till we can claim victory, even if it takes 100 years!!
4. is offshore drilling needed to end our dependence on foreign oil?
Offshore drilling will only waste resources and gain nothing for us. the real answer is alternative energy
Offshore drilling could be used a little bit, but alternative is important
we do need some of our own oil, so we can atleast stop asking for oil, atleast a little bit
it is the only way i see to bring the oil prices down.
5. Is Abortion against our values?
Its the woman's choice to do what she wants.
There could be circumstances where the woman would need it and want it, so we should allow it.
We need control to a certain degree.
Roe v. Wade is a flawed decision. Overturn it!!
6. Is Gay Marriage constitutional?
Let them do what they want.
Make an Ammendment to ban it!
7. what should be done about illegal immigration?
Secure the borders, and dont allow any more to come over. also, giver citizenship to those who are good in english language.
lets just secure the borders for starters, we will do something else later.
Secure the border. and kick the one's that are not citizen out of our country.
just secure the border. end of the story. everything else will take care of on its own.
8. Should there be a "Windfall Tax" on Oil Companies?
Have you seen thier profits lately? Heck yeah, we need a "Windfall Tax" on them!!!
lets just get the tax cuts off..
ask them to to lower the cost of gas, or else we would have to do something drastic.
no, they are perfectly fine organization.
9. Should Government pose restrictions on Gun Control?
Yeah, we have the highest rate of gun murders.
To an extend.
Not really.
we cant go against our constitution.
10. Should Social Security be made private?
It will harm the older people in hard ways.
it is a good program for elderly, and privatization seems something to look into, but not follow it.
Privatization will benefit in more ways than we can imagine.
Privatization is the best ways to cut our deficit.
11. Should Health care made for everyone?
Yeah, we do need it bad!!
only for selected people.
lets just continue with what we have, and later make some cuts in that as well
it is just social ways of running our country. we are not Socialist!!
12. how should we fund the Alternative Fuel studies?
Tax the oil companies!
Increase the tax on some of the most pollutant companies.
raise the taxes for individuals only by a fraction, that should give us enough money to fund it.
whatever we are doing right now is good enough to take care of our future.
13. Who do you like right now?
Obama is the only way to go!!
Well, i think the county needs a new direction, so Obama?
McCain for President, '08!!
I really dont like Obama, so McCain is for me, i guess...

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