Which "Ashes to Ashes" character are you?

Oi! Lift and separate- get your big bum over here! It's time to head back to the 1980s to fire up the quiz and find out which BBC "Ashes To Ashes" character you are!

Are you the bold DCI Gene Hunt? The glamorous DI Drake? The sarcastic DS Carling? The adorable DC Skelton? Or the street wise WPC Granger? Well, thanks to this fandabydozy quiz. . . you can find out in a just a few minutes! :D

Created by: amazon
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
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Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Which of these phrases best describe you?
Brave, brash but underneath it all you just want to protect those you care about.
Sweet and dippy, but always keen to learn.
Confident, clever and classy.
Very loyal to those who gain your respect.
Underestimated and undeservedly ignored by some.
4. What is your worst trait?
Can become unnecessarily aggressive.
Always the last to catch on!
Tendency to think you’re always right.
Occasionally let people walk over you.
5. What’s your style like?
Follow the trends of the time, with a few fashion fail safes of my own.
Not necessarily always on trend, but casual and I like it that way.
My style is me- I change for no one!
Quirky and a bit “out there”
Trousers that are either very tight or very baggy!
6. Your main flirting technique is. . .
A cheeky little grin, and a “babe”!
Very forward- a wink, I sit next to the person I like, I pull!
Always more obvious the drunker I get.
All in the eyes, I’m not so good with words.
A bit awkward sometimes, I can be shy!
7. You’re most likely to say . . .
Christ on a bike. . .
Nothing, just laugh with a fag hanging between my lips
It’s psychology!
Can they stop it smelling of Pilchards?
8. How do you deal with a crime?
Always fists first.
Gut instinct and a bit of rough and tumble.
Do what the guv says.
Profiling and getting inside the criminal mind.
Make sure the paperwork is sorted.
9. What’s you favourite past time?
Darts and drinking
Pulling at the bar or daring your best mate to do something stupid.
Restaurant, cinema and clubbing. . . Especially clubbing!
Hanging out in Italian restaurants having a meal and some red wine.
Something that will keep your partner happy. . . but not telling your best mate!
10. The 80s mean for you. . .
Walkmans, Rubix cubes and Space Invaders!
That times are getting harder for a 70s copper like you. . .
Margaret Thatcher and The Falklands War. . .
The brilliant music scene!
A time you’d think you’d never adjust to, but you have.
11. Your best physical feature is. . .
Your masculine features.
Your hair.
You would say your sexy, devilish looks, but how about those eyes. . . ?
Your impish features
Your incredible figure and perfect smile.
12. Finally, what’s your most precious possession?
Your car.
Don't really have one, all I need is a packet of ciggys!
You don’t really have many possessions, but you’d say your memories.
Can you say your partner?
Your engagement ring. . .

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