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PippaHorse said:
Sep 22 '13, 9:31PM

Black lab. :) But I wanna be a unicorn!!! XD

Ralph22 said:
Dec 29 '11, 10:42PM

black lab suits me

katherina1007 said:
Jan 5 '11, 6:29AM

i am an black lab but den i change n i m a bottlenose dolphin

katherina1007 said:
Jan 5 '11, 6:28AM

i am an black lab but den i change n i m a bottlenose dolphin

SockoCat said:
Dec 13 '10, 4:27PM

Your Result: A Black Lab
You are fun, loyal, and sweet. You are always ready to play. Everyone admires you because you are so cool. You are popular and everyone knows you. Congratulations, Black Lab! Nice job!

Black Labs are awesome!!!

i_am_VAMP said:
Feb 13 '10, 1:47PM

i am a black lab! They r so cute! Yay!

Marty said:
Jun 15 '09, 12:13PM

Your Result:A Bottlenose Dolphin

You are fun,bubbly,cute,and nice.You love to play in the water and swim and splash.you love the ocean and the rest of the ocean animal friends.You have so much fun everyday.Congratula tions,Bottlenose Dolphin! Nice job!

A Black Lab
A White Unicorn

That is true!Awesome quiz!I loved it sooo much!I hope you make another quiz just like it!
K.I.T!(Keep In Touch)

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