where will you live when your older?

well done! you are an amazing person who is going to live in an amazing place you are going to live in Norway the land of mountains and 'the land of the midnight sun'. you will have incredible adventures walking up mountains and of course skiing down them!

awesome job!you will live in Hawaii with your family you are very confident and very kind with an adventurous side to you you will have an amazing time in Hawaii staying with the amazing locals and making new friends!

Created by: charlotte

  1. whats your favourite setting?
  2. whats your favourite sport?
  3. whats your favourite animal?
  4. how old are you?
  5. whats your favourite colour?
  6. what do you do on Friday night?
  7. whats your favourite food?
  8. which season do you like?
  9. which lessons do/did you like at school?
  10. are you a man or a woman?

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