Where were your ancestors from?

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jvjjj said:
Mar 20 '16, 2:40PM

It said I was mixed or south american, but I am nepali.

Xazurea said:
Nov 1 '15, 5:41PM

It said I was European and this is accurate, I'm an Eastern-European.

Reggiewiredu said:
Jul 13 '15, 6:41PM

Where were your ancestors from?
Your Result: Africa

Your strong features with a tad of mild differences, gives you the beautiful features of Africa! Your Nose, eyes, mouth, body, all come from the mother land!


78%South America





0%Native American
Yes but I don't know the others

AnonymusLight said:
Jun 15 '15, 1:38AM

no way all I know is my great grandma is Chinese, really Chinese but I have big eyes and this quiz says that I am south American which is impossible although I dunno what my father ancestry is from

Simplykaitlin said:
Apr 19 '15, 11:30PM

Mine is way off too. 81% African. I got on Ancestry.com and after going back 8 generations I found out that 3 of my ancestors lived in Bavaria, Germany their entire lives (world war I and before) and my 6xgreat grandparents moved to America from a small Scandinavian country. So I'm pretty sure I'm not African (even though I know that modern South African people are descended from white Dutch and British settlers who call themselves Afrikaaners) letting you know so you can review what characteristics you put under African. I also got 20% Native American but my great grandmother, who I had the pleasure of knowing personally, was almost 100% Cherrokee (NC Indian Tribe) anyway, thank you very much for the quiz. I'm sorry my results were wrong and that more people comment with compaints that compliments. Hope this is helpful feedback.

EmilyisaWoodElf said:
Nov 8 '14, 11:39AM

WRONG. You said I was African. I have light straight, thick hair, blue eyes, very pale white skin and have Scandinavian and a few Polish ancestors. The only thing that doesn't fit is that I have a very small round nose and a bit of a low voice.

Claymore said:
Oct 28 '14, 11:11AM

Mine is European, and of course I am. I have a Scottish ancestry.

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