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There are many wolf fans. And much people randomly say they are alpha. There is nothing wrong with that. But do you want to know what rank really fits you?

Are you a dominant leader? Or a submissive Omega? Find out now!( warning: these ranks are not real. Well, they are but the characteristics are made up by me. So don't go saying: who says beta's are smart and organizing? Thx for reading.) success!

Created by: OmegaWolf9
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. let's start with your personality. Are you a follower or a leader?
A brave leader!
Well, i mostly leave another person in control, but sometimes i am in charge of a group.
Umm... Well... Does this even matter?
Umm... More like a follower. But i am in charge of the puppies!!!
*yawn* i don't really care. (Me: well, ok)
Follower, all the time. ( me: me too :). )
4. Are you strong and athlethic?
Yea, i am kinda strong.
Strong: i am pretty strong. Athlethic: depends on the situation.
Umm... Is this important for puppy-sitting?( me: i dunno)
Three words: i don't care. ( me: soooooo... Yes or no?)
No... Please don't tell my pack.
5. What kind of knowledge do you posess?
Great leadership
Organization and pack stuff
Hunting and fighting
P.U.P.P.I.E.S.!!! Oh yea, i also know stuff about healing wolves and stufff. :)
About random stuff.
6. Let's go hunting.
Fine by me.
Umm... Ok.
I will watch over the pups when you guys are away.
7. RP time!
Why? Me: becauze it's fun. You: no it isn't. Me: just do it. You: NO!!! Me: then leave my quiz! You: fine!!!!
Does it involve pups?
Doesnit involve partying?
8. You are a loner wolf. You find another wolf. How do you greet him/her?
*growl*i am stronger then you!
I would observe the wolf for a while and then say hello.
*deep growl* * stays on safe distance* say: who are you?
Happily jump in front of the wolf and say hi!
Just say hi.
I would drop my head low and place my tail between my legs to show him/her i am no threat. I would wait till he/she talks.
9. You lay on the alpha's spot. The nicest spot in the whole den. The alpha comes and growls at you and says: that is my spot! How would you react?
I am alpha. Why would i try to scare away myself?
I would apolagize and bow. Then go away feeling really sorry.
Say: whatever you say boss! And then get up and walk away.
Ok! I will go sleep with the pups to play and keep them warm!
Yawn and get up slowly. Then walk away.
I would jump up and place my tail between my legs and drop my head low! Then run away like a scaredy-wolf.
10. You tottaly messed up the hunt. Everyone stares and growls at you. What would you do?
I am your leader! Stop growling i am the one who should growl at you!
I am sorry sir. I will not mess up next time. Punish me if you want.
Grrr... I admitt it ok! Stop growling and staring at MEHHH!!!!!
Whine softly and be like: sorry... :s
We will have success another day.
11. You have caught a bunny and some random bully shows up and says: gimme that! >:(!!! What would you do/ how would you react?
Growl and scare him away
Walk away ignoring the wolf.
No it's mine! >:(
But it's for the puppy's! :'(
Drop it and tell your friends.
Drop the bunny and your head and place your tail between your legs. Run and scream: ALPHAAAA!!!!!
12. A stranger wolf threatens to kill you, what do you do?
Pounce on him and fight to show who's the boss!
Growl and walk away to tell the alpha.
Growl and go into a fighting position and wondering how he is going to react.
No need to fight!
Relax dude!
13. The pack goes hunting, what is your task?
Giving everyone tasks!
Organizing everything and come up with like ten hunting strategy's!
Just kill the prey.
I don't hunt. I watch the puppy's!
I would hide in a bush but probably fall asleep.
I would be too afraid of getting kicked by the prey that i don't hunt. This is mainly the reason i eat as last. :(
14. Ok role play is over!
Aww... But i am so awesome as a wolf!
It wasn't that bad after all. Me: see?
That's ok. I still liked it though.
Aw well.
15. What do you think you have?
Alpha! The leader!
Beta! Organizing stuff and being smart!
Zeta! Strong, a great hunter and fighting!
Delta! Watching the pups!
Gamma! Partying and no worries and stuff.
Omega. I am just totally no leader. You Cant even leave me in charge of a potatoe.
16. Did you like this quiz?( no affect)
Yea it rocks!
It was cool! And well made!
It's ok... I guess
Just show us the answers!( me: ok!)
It wasn't that good
It sucked. ( me: sorry!)

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