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  • Monkey WTF?

    Funny101223 Jan 15 '13, 6:49PM
  • I got Golden Labrador. I totes fits me perf! I like this quiz :)

    tomboy9876 May 16 '10, 10:43PM
  • Horse

    Your compasinate and stroung. You are a good sense of character and that helps you stay out of the wroung crowd. Some times you let your heart rule over your head at the wroung times but more otfen than not it turns alright because you always find a way round things to make it work

    jonasluvr Sep 24 '09, 3:51PM
  • Ugh, I got a dog...
    I'm sure you're the type who thinks dogs are good and cats are bad...I'd say die in a hole, but I have better things to do than stay around this place.

    appayipyip Jun 19 '09, 6:09PM

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