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  • I got Jaden Yuki.

    OJshion708 Mar 27 '13, 9:26PM
  • Including Blue eyes White dragon and blue eyes ultimate dragon

    Rocboy3 Nov 29 '12, 11:39AM
  • Yeahh!!!! im Seto kaiba im to laget and i love dragon decks i got red eyes darkness dragon in my dragon deack yeaa!!!!

    Rocboy3 Nov 29 '12, 11:35AM
  • Zane

    sephiroth Jan 4 '12, 4:23PM
  • awesome!!!! im yugi moto i am such a big fan of yugi moto

    Emo_Freak312 Nov 14 '11, 7:54AM
  • i really love yogigx and iam jaden yuki he is the best forever

    yogi gx Jul 18 '11, 7:14AM
  • sorry about what i said before i can be a jerk at times... maybe thats why i got seto kaiba

    jackforever Feb 25 '11, 5:07PM

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