What Would Be Your Best Type Of Dog?

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DogsLover said:
Sep 21 '14, 6:54PM

I got small dog. Oh, I love chihuahuas.

Animallover100 said:
Jun 27 '14, 3:25PM

What the heck was the last question seriously banana shoes and bluberrys that was just random anyway the quiz was awesome

Sunday1 said:
May 25 '13, 11:48PM

"If you have the financial needs, go for having a large dog"
Its not like long haired dogs are any more expensive than shorthairs, you just brush them! LOL

OmegaWolf said:
Mar 20 '13, 3:34PM

Your Result: Large Dog

You have the space to provide a home for a large dog. You also have the financial needs to buy food because big dogs have big appetites so they need big bags of food. If you need to cut back a little on the excessive spending, get a short haired big dog.

Sydtie rocks said:
Feb 13 '12, 8:23AM

But I do love dogs :D

Sydtie rocks said:
Feb 13 '12, 8:22AM

That was sort of bad

daisym6 said:
Jan 15 '12, 5:00PM

ummm no i don't really like small dogs... too yippy!

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