What War of Irish Independence character are you?

This is a quiz designed to figure out where you may have stood in the War for Irish Independence. There were some that supported the English, some who wanted independence, and some who were in between.

I am a world history teacher. This quiz is not meant to reflect exactly the views, but rather to give a vague idea of where students stand on the issues. This will be an introductory exercise for class activities dealing with independence.

Created by: Meiris
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3. Someone wants to beat you up, do you:
Get a weapon and beat them
Show them how tough you are, then make a deal
Agree to give them what they want as long as they leave you alone
Give them what they want, why fight?
4. A police officer accuses you of stealing when you didn’t, do you:
Do what they tell you to, they’re a cop
Tell them what you know about the crime and hope they let you go
Tell them you won’t tell them anything without a lawyer, but agree to cooperate
Say nothing and fight the arrest
5. To run a country...
The strongest people should run it and do as they like...they are smarter anyway
Strong people should have control, but people should get to make some decisions too
People should fight to make sure that compromises are fair, but compromises are necessary
People should fight the government to make sure that people aren’t taking advantage of anyone
6. In a classroom...
Teachers should have the control, they are the ones who went to school for the subject
Teachers should have control, but ask students what they want
Students should actively try to make sure teachers are at least listening to students needs
Students should do what they want to
7. When your parents disagree with you, do you:
Do what you want anyway, ignore what they say
Try to get them to let you have a say in your curfew/allowance/chores
Refuse to do chores until they agree to give you less chores to do
Do what they say because they can make you miserable if you don’t
8. Native Americans want their country back, do you:
Support them, it was their country in the first place
Allow them to have some of their land back
Allow them to run their reservations as they want to (This is how it is today)
Ignore them
9. If a gang from your neighborhood killed one of your friends, would you:
Go to kill them and take the block back
Scare them with threats, then agree to stay away from each other
Let them do what they want as long as they promise not to kill anymore
Nothing, I don’t want to die, and I don’t want to kill anyone either
10. Murder,
Is never right, and I will never do it
Can be done sometimes, but only if everyone agrees
Can be threatened, but shouldn’t be carried out
Can be necessary if someone is out of line
11. War,
Is sometimes necessary, other countries are crazy
Can happen, but only if everyone agrees the country is wrong
Should be avoided, there are other ways to get a country to do what you want
Should never happen, no matter what
12. Guns....
Would never own one
May consider it, but probably not
Would buy one, but wouldn't use it unless I have to
Totally necessary, can't let people make me a victim

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