What Video Game Soldier Are You?

There are many tough soldiers on the battlefield, but few true heroes. On the digital plane of war, what video game character's eyes do you see the world through?

Are YOU a warrior? Do you have the brass to call yourself a soldier? Take this quiz, and in just a few minutes you will find out! Stop wasting time maggot!

Created by: Adam Parker
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3. Upon approaching a quiet farm, you and your soldiers decide to stop and take a break from all of the walking everyone has been doing. You haven’t seen action all day, and haven’t heard gunfire off in the distance for a while. You break out your binoculars to scan the windows of the nearby houses to determine if they contain hostiles or civilians. You notice a giant haystack of unusual shape next to a barn. You then notice a long stem protruding from the hay start to turn towards your direction. It’s a hidden tank! It will be able to fire on your tanks before they can see it coming over the hill. What do you do?
Yell at the top of your lungs, “TANK!” and screw everyone else, you need to get the hell out of firing range.
Yell at the top of your lungs, “TANK!” and hit the dirt.
Yell at the top of your lungs, “TANK!” and immediately start firing your M1 Garand.
Whisper slowly under your breath, “a tank huh……you motherf*(#er…I don’t think so…” and reach for your grenade launcher.
Immediately drop whatever’s in your hands and start bolting towards the tank, hoping to distract it and give your soldiers more time for a counter-attack.
4. You fall asleep in your trench, when you wake up, it is morning and there are dead bodies of your fellow soldiers lying in the trench near you on both sides. There are also three living enemy soldiers standing in front of you with their backs towards you, smoking and going over a map. They think that you were killed in their initial attack. You don’t know how many more are out there. You see your MP-40 lying on the ground about 4 feet away. You also have a pistol on your belt. The soldiers are armed, but not at the ready. What do you do?
Keep your eyes shut, and try not to breathe too loudly. Maybe they’ll move on, giving you time to save your hide.
Slowly reach for your pistol and take aim. This is what you were trained for.
Waste no time and grab that MP-40 and start spraying. You can worry about other possible soldiers if and when they present themselves.
Stand up and say in a deep, rusty voice, “What’s the matter boys? Can’t read a f*[kin’ map?” and immediately run your knife through the first soldier’s heart, while running him into the other two, pinning them against the side of the trench. Pull out the knife and stab the other two in the throats before they can get free or call for help. Take the cigarette from his cold, dead fingers, and take a drag.
Pull the pin from your grenade, then run up and hug all three soldiers as hard as you can. A sacrifice you deem well worthy for your country.
5. Your team has been ambushed in the jungle, and the only way out is to a field back the way you came. There you may be able to radio for air support or a getaway helicopter. Upon the command to retreat, everyone starts running for safety. Your Commanding Officer is shot in the back of the thigh and falls to the ground in front of you. Bullets are flying everywhere. What do you do?
Thinking there’s no time for a medic, hoist the CO onto your back and bust ass towards that field. Hopefully your fellow soldiers will draw enough fire to keep it off you.
Yell at the CO, “STAY DOWN!” and grab both grenades from his chest, ripping them off of their pins as you turn and throw them in the direction of the enemy. Throw the CO over your shoulder and run backwards with both hands sending a flurry of unending SMG action in the direction of all opposition.
Blockade yourself between the enemy and your troops, yelling and firing randomly all over the place, as you wait for your fellow soldiers to pull your CO out of harms way.
Say “later Sarge” as you whiz by him with no intent of looking back.
Yell for a medic as you kneel by his side, picking off enemies as they approach you, waiting for a medic to get there soon and tie up your CO and then carry him out when you saw it safe to make a break for it.
6. You are barricaded into a large ditch from overhead fire. One glimpse above the crest would mean a bullet through your dome. You were forced to dive into the ditch because you have run out of ammo. Moments later, an enemy soldier appears at the top edge of the ditch. He sees you and points his weapon. Unfortunately, you know this is the end. What do you do?
Close your eyes and just wait for it.
Salute your enemy, for he has defeated you.
Start crying and groveling in the dirt, bowing towards him on your knees over and over, hoping for mercy.
Run at the soldier, hoping his gun jams.
Give him the finger.
7. You and your fellow soldiers are in the trenches. You’ve worked your way forward and this is the last trench not occupied by the enemy. They are right in front of you. The madness above and around you creates an atmosphere that’s hard to hear in. You know commands are being yelled out here and there, but all you can do is just keep firing. A live grenade falls from the sky between you and four soldiers. Everyone stares at each other with pale faces. What do you do?
Jump on the grenade. It may be over for you, but you’ve enabled four fellow soldiers to continue the fight that must be won.
Since you’ve been thoroughly trained in demolitions, reset the fuse before it can detonate, and send it back to where it came from……..signed, of course.
Yell, “GRENADE!” hoping to get heard, and try to dive as far away as possible and cover up.
Gripped by the possibility of death, you are unable to move, and just wait for something to happen.
Grab the nearest Soldier to you and knock him down onto the grenade.
8. Your squad splits, and the Commander appoints a squad leader to the group you’re in company with. Before the split, you hear the orders that were given to the Squad Leader. During the mission, you see your squad leader about to intentionally disobey direct orders and his actions will have an outcome that may jeopardize these men. When you confront him about it, he tells you that ‘he knows what the orders were, and that you don’t. His command will not be questioned.’ You know he is lying about the orders. What do you do?
Start to quietly spread the rumor that the Squad Leader is not following direct orders from the commander and hope that someone else steps up and confronts him about it.
Tell the Squad Leader to think about what he is doing. Lives could be blindly put into peril and there is no need to make any unnecessary actions. Orders are given for a reason.
Let the Squad Leader and the rest of the company know that you will not be scared by his threats, and you will report this to the Commander when you rendezvous.
Swiftly punch the Squad Leader in the mouth. Before he can recover, kick him in the gut. As he keels over in pain, whisper in his ear a reminder about how ‘no matter what he says to the Commander about what you just did, that he is the one disobeying direct orders, and you will not stop beating the hell out of him until he changes his mind about what he is about to do.’
Tell the Squad Leader that, because of rank, you will do as he says. But you will also let everyone know that he is disobeying orders and recommend he be put in front of a panel to answer for his disobedient actions. After all, a war will never be won if there are soldiers who willfully cannot follow orders.
9. Your platoon is traveling by helicopter presumably outside of the warzone. You are to meet up with a battalion at a Landing Zone near hostile territories to aid as reinforcements. Before reaching the LZ, you notice in the distance something in the sky. It’s a ground to air missile. And it’s coming right for you! What do you do?
Yell up to the pilot, “ROCKET! EVASIVE MANEUVERS!” hoping that the pilot has the skills to fly you out of danger.
Yell to everyone onboard, “ROCKET! COMING FOR US!”. Rapidly get you and your fellow soldiers parachuting out to safety. It’s gonna be a long walk.
Warn about the missile and let what happens happen. The missile may hit you, it may miss. You, however are quickly at work radioing into base that this area is NOT safe passage. Can’t let another aircraft run into trouble.
Grab the nearest soldier to you and yell in his face, “SAVE ME!”. If he doesn’t immediately respond, start screaming at the top of your lungs.
Jump out of the helicopter and parachute to safety. After finishing a cig, follow the trail of smoke in the sky to the origin of the missile, and go Rambo on their asses.
10. You are captured by the enemy, now a prisoner of war. You wake up in a dark room with another P.O.W. across the room. There is a pistol in the middle of the room. An outside voice says that there is one bullet in the gun and that you must kill the other POW or you both will be shot. He was given the same instructions. You have one minute. What do you do?
Run towards the gun and try to shoot the other soldier.
Piss yourself. This isn't a decision you want to make.
Grab the gun and shoot yourself. Hopefully your selfless action lets the other soldier live on.
Grab the gun and fire it, saying that it misfired and you need them to come in and reload it.
Push the POW to the ground and grab the gun. Plant yourself against the rooms wall and tell them that 'If they want this gun to fire, that they need to come in and pry it from your bloody hands'. It's go time.
11. What is your killing of choice?
Spray the body with bullets. Like it bloody.
One bullet, right through the head. Nice and swift.
From behind, a blade across the throat.
A rocket launcher. They ain't dead unless they're in pieces.
I prefer not to kill if I don't have to. Can't we all just get along?
12. If giving the choice, how would you prefer to die?
Suffocation/Drowning. Seems painless.
Burnt to a crisp. Sure it would be hell at first, but those nerves won't feel pain for that long.
Die? I'm not gonna die you ugly bastard. YOU ARE!
Falling from high. Quick.
Shot. I want to be able to give some last words.

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