What US city should you live in?

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honoshikun said:
Jan 10 '12, 7:15PM

I got Seattle. Makes sense considering I used to live in Portland, I miss the northwest like crazy.

JerseyGurl said:
Nov 17 '11, 3:07PM

i got miami n i put skiing as my hobby

westcoastlife said:
Aug 3 '10, 1:30AM

I got Chicago
well California is a total variety so maybe Chicago is my place

vleroy728 said:
Apr 21 '10, 5:29PM

Lol I got Chicago and I live like 2 hours from there lmao.

CaLiFoRnIa said:
Mar 14 '10, 1:14AM

Miami is kool,but Los angeles is better.You should have put Los angeles as 1 of the results.

x_brii_x said:
Mar 6 '10, 9:47AM

:(( san fran? totally not the place for mehh! DD:

Planets said:
Feb 1 '10, 11:43PM

I got San Fran. Need to add Austin, TX. THAT'S where I wanna live.

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