What US city should you live in?

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troublemaker said:
Aug 16 '09, 8:08PM

i agree with you Ebillan i live in texas to and you Cali100 WTF do you mean by its cold down here the its like only snowed once here in like 500 years and it hardley gets to 40 degrees ever winter. so its not effin cold

Cali100 said:
Jul 25 '09, 3:53PM

I love sanfrancisco!!!! i was born in california. but i hate to live in the south, too hot and too cold

Celticwolf11 said:
Jul 19 '09, 8:08PM

Seattle. Hmm, I live in Seattle...great quiz by the way.

elcvolleyball said:
Jun 28 '09, 11:35AM

yay i get to live in houston

rhearhea44650 said:
Jun 18 '09, 11:48PM

awesome i would love to live in san francisco or seattle i hear its beautiful

Marty said:
Jun 15 '09, 12:07PM

i got San Fransisco.Ummm i never been there before but it sounds nice:)

x aka mrlq x said:
Jun 15 '09, 3:28AM

What US city should you live in?
Your Result: San Francisco

i love this city. lots to do. kinda touristy but awesome @ the same time. you like city life, know how to party and vote democratic. you wont freak out if gay people are living near you, and your accepting. and PARTYY. woot.


i like san francisco 4 some reason

Ebillan said:
Jun 14 '09, 6:39PM

I kinda find it offensive what Bambi said. I LIVE in Texas, and I bet he/she has never even BEEN to Texas. Good quiz though.

sweetheart22 said:
Jun 14 '09, 4:53PM

omgggggggggggg. i got chicago n i LIVE IN CHICAGO!!

Bambi said:
Jun 13 '09, 10:07AM

I. Hate. Texas. And. Houston.

I'm from California but I don't like SF (San Fransisco)how bad is that?

Oh well, add a few more cities in CA please! :)

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