What type of person are you?

This is a quiz which will tell you what type of person you are. We will do this in a series of questions, as is the fashion in most quizes. Are You a Hero? Are You A Villan? Do You Even want to know? If you do, Find out.

In this quiz you will be faced with hypothetical situations and asked questions about your past. By answering these questions we will determine what type of person you are. Furthermore, in This quiz, please be truthful.

Created by: matt
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3. You are on the bus. A few seats in front of you a person is messing with your friend. It is quite obvious to you that the person is about to attack your friend. What do you do?
You run up there and take the hits for your friend hoping he doesnt get hurt.
You run up there and punch the person in the face.
You sit there and let him get beat up because he stole your pencil earlier today.
Your the one about to beat up the kid.
4. It's recess. Across the playground you see a bully picking on someone. What do you do?
You act like you didnt notice and continue with your play.
You admire the bully for how he avoids the teachers thus minimizing victim protection.
You run over there and tell the bully to stay the hell away from that dude and to never mess with him again or else.
5. You are in art class. A person comes over and starts poking your friend hard with some closed needle nose pliers. The Teacher doesnt notice. This is only one of many times this person has messed with you or your friends. What do you do?
You go tell the teacher and demand that you speak with the principal about this person. When you speak with the principal you tell of past crimes against you commited by this person.
You act like you didnt notice and hope he doesnt choose you as his next victim.
You try to steal the pliers from him so you can do that to people.
You walk up and grab the hand which he is holding the pliers in and rip the pliers from his hands and bring it as evidence to the teacher and report that persons crimes against you.
6. Your at lunch. Farther down the table someone sits down and exclaims to their friends that they have no money in their lunch account. What do you do?
You ignore the incident and continue eating.
You offer to buy the person lunch and ask what they were going to get.
You give the person some of your food.
You are reminded you have no money and go steal someones food.
7. How many friends do you have?
I have no friends, only minions.
8. You just got out of 3rd period and are about to go to lunch. While your friend is getting his lunchbag out of his locker his locker empties itself on him. What do you do?
You ignore it and go on to lunch.
You laugh at him and go on to lunch.
You walk over and help him pick up his stuff.
You wait up for him and make sure no one steals any of his stuff while he is picking it all up.
9. Have You already taken this quiz once or more?
10. Have you ever attacked someone before?
11. Do you read alot of books?
Books are for dorks.
I would rather watch TV any day.
12. Have you ever drawn a weapon on someone?

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