What Type Of Person Are You?

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bandwhore said:
Jan 2 '14, 10:15PM

I'm different :D. \m/ agreed with Paramore but I'd say Of Mice & Men, Bring me the Horizon, ext. But good job :3

horsecrazy24601 said:
Dec 29 '13, 6:13AM

You Are Most Likely The Smart Person, You Try Your Hardest In School/College/Work To Try And Keep Your Education Going. You May Be The Smart And Sensible Friend You Have A Small Wild Side That Only Your Closest Friends Can See.

Yay! It is true, I am smart. Great Quiz!

ilonette_33 said:
Nov 26 '13, 4:49PM

where is engineering, art or architecture? what's the difference between clown and comedian anyway? or actor and comedian? you mentioned these but didn't mention art? really annoying for artistic ones, didn't help

dogloverforever said:
Nov 24 '13, 9:38PM

You Are Kind, You Try To Involve Everyone In All Of Your Fun And Games You're A Nice Person And All Together You Are The Kind Of Person Everyone Wants To Be Friends With.

Hillbillies said:
Nov 23 '13, 12:36AM

Really greatgreat quiz and my results are SUPERtrue!

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