what type of car are you?

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ben764 said:
Jan 13 '14, 5:57PM

Shame this was totally American, Coz I ended up being a Cadillac, I drive a Volvo, maybe a top end Volvo saloon (Sedan) is similar? Pass?

tenten16 said:
Sep 13 '12, 9:36PM

Suh-weet! Mustang! yeah! Luv the quiz!

SupaSoap101 said:
Mar 22 '12, 1:33PM

WOOHOO! I got a Hummer!!!

little cutie said:
Nov 23 '11, 2:25PM

good i i am good car.

4X4 said:
Oct 14 '11, 12:12PM

I got a Charger, i love muscle cars expeclly the '68-'71 Mustangs, Chargers, and Challengers.(Muscle Cars can NOT have 4 doors in my oppion) To bad trucks aren't on this.

EFB40 said:
Apr 5 '11, 8:27AM

I would love a red Mustang convertible! My husband courted me in a convertible (Lincoln) 56 years ago.

manjusha said:
Feb 1 '11, 1:35PM

Mustang! ka-ching

Im a gummy bear said:
Sep 5 '10, 8:17PM

Hey ur quiz rox!!!!!!! I love cadillacs. call me. Jk

Mennzz said:
Jul 26 '10, 9:14PM

This quiz got it right! I love Cadillacs!

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