What type of Britney Spears are you?

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Zebramoon said:
Apr 2 '14, 6:16PM

I am Pre-K-Fed Brittany

Emerald750 said:
May 25 '13, 6:36AM


AnonymousPromise said:
Feb 8 '12, 6:19PM

only question: WHY AM I HERE?!?!?! i HATE britney! shes fat, ugly, and she sings like a diseased elephant! she should be arrested for the way she sings (without being autotuned) britney's carrer would break into a billion pieces without her auto-tuning guy. i think everyone (brit lovers and haters) knows that.

Amy3312 said:
Dec 31 '11, 10:31PM

I got confused britney

ashlee789 said:
Aug 17 '11, 5:07AM

seems lyk me n katie gt da sme answa...bt i dnt cal celebs my idols...jst role models...n britney ain't myn!!!sowi brits

katiexoxo said:
Jun 30 '08, 11:14AM

You are a Pre- K- Fed Britney (that's a good thing
You haven't screwed up in your life (yet). Don't let some guy (or girl) trap you into getting married or having a bunch of babies o you can't be able to do things you want to do. You are smart, talented and you have a life - don't screw it up! Stay motivated to do what you are set to do, reach your goals and fulfuill your aspirations! YOU CAN DO IT!


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