what THE PALS YT member are you

so ever heard of the pals, ever wondered oh which pals member am i? am i denis corl alex sub or sketch well find out by taking this quiz and you will find out

this quiz is about the pals my favorite you tubers even if they are not that popular i highly recommend you go check out their channel one of the youtubers are really popular and are almost at 2 million subs that is denis daily so go check them out after this quiz or go check out the one you got

Created by: moonwatcher

  1. What is your age?
  2. What is your gender?
  1. have you ever heard of the pals
  2. who is not a member of the pals
  3. do the pals have 1 million subs
  4. whats your favorite animal
  5. do you wear glasses
  6. do you play roblox
  7. what is your favorite color
  8. do you play minecraft
  9. do you play animal jam
  10. who is your favorite member of the pals
  11. who is ethen
  12. who is the most popular
  13. are you funny
  14. are you smart
  15. which try not to ____ challenge is your favorite
  16. what is your ideal pet (out of these)
  17. do you swear
  18. would you dye your hair if yes what colour
  19. OMG THANK YOU ALL at the moment i am writing this while ,y quiz is at #15 this is unbelieveible thank you all i added a few more questions so enjoy
  20. whats your favorite ship
  21. whats your eye color
  22. what is your favorite type of game

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Quiz topic: What THE PALS YT member am I