What Star Wars Character Are You? (Prequel Trilogy)

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ScottyBoi87 said:
May 9 '15, 2:44PM

mace windu yes my fav

ScottyBoi87 said:
May 9 '15, 2:43PM

mace windu yes my fav

Ariana9 said:
Sep 19 '14, 2:02AM

Obi Wan! Yes, love him!

KillerAngel47 said:
Jul 18 '14, 8:28AM

Darth Maul! He is my favourite.

DarthVader said:
Aug 30 '13, 11:27PM

Haha Yay, Anakin lol I laughed so hard during this quiz when one of the questions was whether I thought Padme's hair looked like a fortune cookie!!! XD And one of the answers was "How dare you insult her hairdo" lol! XD

Kepler said:
Dec 15 '12, 3:58PM

Anakin Skywalker, followed VERY closely by Padme Amidala.

shazz said:
Jul 27 '12, 10:09AM


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