What Sonic Character are you most like?

Does your personality match your favorite Sonic Character? Take the quiz to find out! Does your personality make you villanous, sneaky, brave? Find out!

Questions about your morals, character, and approaches will match you up to one of six! 15 questions in all stack you up to characters from all sonic games!

Created by: amazon
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3. A Person is getting mugged! What do you do?
Help immediately.
The police will handle it...
There might be something in it for me!
I didn't see anything. Do you see anything?
Beat the heck out of the offender.
Hesitate, but help in the end.
4. The movie you've wanted to see for ages is out. You hurry to the movie theater, but its booked all day long. What do you do?
Ah, well. Maybe another time.
Damnit! I wanted to see it so bad!
I'll go see this one instead.
I'll see it first thing tomorrow.
Maybe the tickets those guys were selling outside are a good idea.
Sneak in after buying tickets for a different movie.
5. You're stuck at a family reunion, and a few of the younger relatives are really getting on your last nerve. What do you do?
Hey, guys, let me step outside for a lil' bit.
Do you guys ever stop talking? Ever?
Tune out and nod your head every once in a while.
What's that, Grandma? You need help with the dishes?
Hey, there's candy in that closet over there. Just go in, shut the door, and you'll find it. Stay there for a while.
Look, kids, I've gotta go over here. You play and do your little kid stuff.
6. What's your favorite genre of food, if there was such a thing?
Fine quality, expensive food.
Doesn't really matter. I just eat when I'm hungry, and that's that.
Light snacks keep me going through the day.
Full meals, with every food group.
I have quite the sweet tooth.
Eating's not that big a deal for me.
7. Whoah! There's a $100 bill on the ground! What do you do?
I can pay off some people with this.
Yeesssss. Money's a good thing.
I could take this to the police dept.
Take it to the police, but keep checking back incase no one takes it.
Keep half, take half to the police.
Leave it.
8. If you had a treehouse, what would it look like?
Regular brown box with windows.
Something dazzling, that looks luxurious.
Something really high in the tree, with a zipline.
Something with an elevator, a tv, and some finely polished wood.
One that has multiple buildings high up, all interconnected by bridges, walkways, etc. It has a telescope for seeing far.
Treehouses aren't my thing.
9. Wow! Someone on TV did something amazing! How do you react?
I can do that in my sleep.
No, no, no! You're supposed to do it this way!
Does he get the prize?
He/She looks kind pretty handsome.
Does he do anything else?
10. You're reading a wonderful book. What genre is it?
A classic.
11. You feel most at home when...
Admiring things of great beauty.
I'm outdoors in general.
It's quiet.
I'm doing something to keep me busy.
I'm inside.
I'm with friends.
12. The latest fashion is out, but it looks kind of ugly in your opinion. What do you do?
Anything to fit in! (Get it without hesitation)
Ugh...forget it...
I just wear what's comfortable.
I wear what's practical.
I don't care what I wear.
Play the game and wear it no matter how gaudy.
13. You've won an all expense paid vacation! Where do you go?
The Big City!
The Mountains.
The Beach.
The Jungle.
I don't know...
The Country.
14. Yes! You're favorite band is coming to your town! What type of music do they play?
I just like their outfits.
15. You open up your latest newspaper. What section do you read first?
The headlines.
The comics.
Politics/World events.

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