What song is this?

Not everyone know there lyrics but in this quiz you get to test your knowledge in your quiz smarticles. I really hope you like it! I tried really hard.

How much do you know about lyrics? This quiz will push you to the limit on everything there is to know about lyrics and suchh. So enjpy and never drink while driving.

Created by: emmy0604
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1. "You had a lot of moments that didnt last forever."
On the floor by: Jennifer Lopez
How to love by: Lil Wayne
Hit the lights by: Jay Sean
Skyscraper by: Demi Lovato
2. "You've got me hooked with your love controller."
Rolling in the deep by: ADELE
Good life by: OneRebublic
Last friday night by: Katy Perry
Im into you by: Jennifer Lopez
3. "I smell like a miny bar."
Last friday night by: Katy Perry
I wanna go by: Britney Spears
Lighters by: Bad Meets Evil
Super base by: Nicki Minaj
4. "Cause God makes no mistakes."
If i die young by: The Band Perry
The show goes on by: Lupe Fiasco
Born this way by: Lady GaGa
Honey bee by: Blake Shelton
5. "If you liked it then you shoulda put a ring on it."
Single ladies by: Beyonce
Just can't get enough by: The Black eyed peas
Look at me now by: Chris Brown
Blow by: Ke$ha
6. "You, with your switching sides and your walk-by lies and your humiliation."
Firework by: Katy Perry
Mean by: Taylor Swift
Tik Tok by: Ke$ha
Alejandro by: Lady GaGa
7. "You're so mean,when you talk,about yourself, you are wrong."
F**kin' Perfect by: P!nk
Mean by: Taylor Swift
Dynamite by: Taio Cruz
Solo by: Iyaz
8. "Put my hand in my pants."
Best love song by: T-Pain
The lazy song by: Bruno Mars
Till the world ends by: Britney Spears
9. "And i'll be wearing white when i come into Your kingdom."
If i die young by: The Band Perry
E.T by: Katy Perry
Every teardrop is a waterfall by: Coldplay
Jar of hearts by: Christinia Perri
10. "From the first kiss you had your eyes wide open."
Grenade by: Bruno Mars
Super bass by: Nicki Minaj
Not afraid by: Eminem

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