what scocial group are you?

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SarahA said:
Feb 8 '13, 9:55PM

86% nerd. And I HAVE gotten less then "As" but that was because my homework got all jumbled up with an outside project I was doing and I am the most unorganized person ever.

dfjjksdf said:
Aug 22 '09, 10:49AM

It said i'm emo. o.0 I'm mostly musician/nerd. FK your steyrotypical quiz.

Evil Lord Inthiyr said:
Apr 15 '08, 5:58PM

This was a terrible quiz, a lot of the questions had nothing to do with the topic, and also, the glasses-nerd stereotype is untrue (Actually, now that I think about it, I can't think of any stereotype that's right), the majority of nerds actually don't wear glasses. And I actually do want a girlfriend (And I reason I don't have one is NOT because I'm not popular. It's because I'm not interested in any girls I know), and, also, there are female nerds, so the girlfriend comment would be invalid.

wallywag16 said:
Dec 26 '07, 2:22PM

I'm most emo, then nerd, then musician, then popular, then jock.


_sweet_thang_ said:
Dec 21 '07, 8:28PM

Ya, I'm popular, but I get good grades and talk to even the uncool people. (Sammy f.) Just kidding I love you Sammy your awesome.

koufax said:
Dec 18 '07, 2:12PM

i'm 66 and drink a lot; what has this crap to do with me

Razorbill said:
Dec 17 '07, 4:31PM

Seriously? I'M popular? Since when?

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