What's your Religious Type?

For good or bad, religion is a major force on the planet. There are many religions, but there are also many approaches to religion. Some folks are very intense, others more relaxed, some knowledgeable, others not so much. This is a non-scientific attempt to help you determine what your religious type is.

If you want a quiz to help you determine your religious path, try the Belief-O-Matic on Beliefnet.com. To help you figure out how you approach religion, try this quiz. And do it with a smile, this is for entertainment folks!

Created by: Owlspirit of Owlspirit's Nest
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Do you adhere to any specific religion?
4. If you answered yes, is it the same religion as your parents?
5. 3. Over the course of a year, what percentage of regularly scheduled religious events do you attend? (example: church every Sunday, temple every Friday, etc.)
Less than 25%
e. We donâ??t have any regularly scheduled events.
6. Over the course of a year, what percentage of special religious events do you attend? (example: Easter services, Diwali festival, etc.)
75% or over
Less than 25%
We do not have any special religious events
7. If your religious path has a primary book (example: Bible, Koran, etc.), have you read it?
Yes, in its entirety, and I consult it on a daily basis.
Yes, the whole thing.
Yes, parts of it, but probably not all the way through
Um, no, not really.
No primary book.
8. Have you read books about your religion, other than the primary book (if there is one)?
9. Have you read books about other religions?
Yes, it was pretty interesting and gave me some food for thought.
Yes, but it didnâ??t do a lot for me.
Yes, and I was appalled at what some people believe.
Yes, and I had to scrub myself clean afterward.
10. Have you ever visited a religious building not of your faith or taken part in a ceremony of a different religion? (example: attending a bar mitzvah if you are not Jewish, etc.)
Yes, I enjoyed it
Yes, it was weird and a bit uncomfortable.
No, never had the opportunity.
No, never would.
11. Do you have any kind of daily practice that you do personally? (example: pray before meals, meditate, light incense at a home shrine, etc.)
12. How many religions have you practiced during your lifetime?
0 - not sure why I am taking this stupid quiz
3 or 4
5 or more
13. Do you see a difference between spirituality and religion?
14. If your religion has a hierarchy, how do you see those above you? (example: Priest, Minister, Rabbi, Priestess, etc.)
My Priest (etc.) is chosen by God and I should listen to everything he says as coming from a higher source.
My Priest (etc.) is closer to the divine than I am.
My Priest (etc.) is a great teacher but is human and not perfect.
My Priest (etc.) is a servant of deity and of the community/congregation.
My Priest (etc.) tries to help the congregation but is clueless about the real world.
No hierarchy or organized clergy applies.
15. Have you ever formally studied your religion?
Yes, I participate in regularly scheduled classes or study groups
Yes, I previously participated in regularly scheduled classes or study groups.
Yes, and I have led regularly scheduled classes or study groups
No, all my training has been informal (from parents, friends, books, etc.).
No training.
16. How about your friends?
They all share the same religious beliefs as I do.
Many share the same religious beliefs I do, but not all of them do.
A few share the same beliefs, but most donâ??t.
None share my beliefs, I'm flying solo here.
I have no idea what my friends believe.
17. How do you view people who have different religious beliefs, including possibly believing in different God(s)?
Cool. Everybody is entitled to believe what they want. There is no one way.
Okay. Individual beliefs may make me a little uncomfortable though
They can believe what they want, but it is sad because they are wrong. At some point, they may suffer for being wrong.
They are wrong and I want to be the one to punish them.
Like I care?
18. Have you ever had a spiritual experience? Ever felt that you have been touched by God/a God/a Goddess?
No, what are you nuts?
No, but I desperately want to
Yes, once. It was moving and changed my life
Yes, multiple times

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