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Annebell said:
Jun 28 '15, 4:58AM

I agree with hot Stephanie I am not a DRAMA QUEEN

Annebell said:
Jun 28 '15, 4:57AM

I agree with hot Stephanie I am not a DRAMA QUEEN

Aprilmonth said:
Feb 11 '15, 3:15PM

Your Result: Shy and timid

I like that-shy and timid! It sounds just like me!

hendrina said:
Jan 10 '15, 5:17AM

yepie yhu knw too well drama queen.......

Claymore said:
Oct 28 '14, 2:24PM

average for me.

xSunshine said:
Dec 18 '13, 3:20PM

Drama Queen. *Sneezes* (..)

purpletiger25 said:
May 4 '13, 9:31AM

I wish people would stop leaving chain letters I don't read them at all though not even the ones on this quiz I got Party thing it's true awesome quiz thx for posting it I will do any quizzes just send a request on my first quiz when I make one thx bye bye

cooldiggy1995 said:
Apr 14 '12, 5:58PM

Cool quiz!
I got average :.)

Kiki rocks said:
Feb 12 '12, 1:22PM

I'm average. :)

May 26 '09, 5:54AM

i got the average person, seems right, nothing weird and no damn drama, i hate drama filled people, just want to sock them in the eye, but as long as its kept away from me i'm cool

cutiepie2011 said:
May 25 '09, 10:49PM

omg its like u kno me i thrive on drama ;)

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