What's Your Best Quality?

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mollygen5 said:
Apr 24 '15, 9:50PM

Stop the stupid, freaking chain letter I did one of them and NOTHING happed. There a bunch of spam filling up the dumb comment area and I am SO sick of it and this isn't even my quiz! So please just shut UP with them! There not real at all!

twam101 said:
Apr 9 '15, 7:47AM

stormfur said:
Mar 10 '15, 10:14PM


macancheese14 said:
Feb 28 '15, 7:55PM

Awesome quiz.

applehead123 said:
Feb 28 '15, 12:28AM

nice quiz am i right guys?

applehead123 said:
Feb 28 '15, 12:16AM

nice one that was a cool quiz

JasminexxCole said:
Jan 1 '15, 6:48PM

Aw i love this quiz

sweetie pie said:
Dec 29 '14, 6:40AM

personality so true

yxhee said:
Dec 17 '14, 6:23AM

I got Loving 70%
It's a great quiz by the way! :D

DirectionerDUH said:
Dec 9 '14, 9:12PM

Pyra Potter said:
Dec 5 '14, 8:58AM

Outgoing and description is perfect!

2SweetSue said:
Nov 21 '14, 6:44PM

Im not surprised. Especially about the fact that I score low on loving.

Your Result: Intelligence

Your best quality is intelligence! People like you because you are smart and always make the right decision. Your intelligence also helps you handle tough situations.

48%Sense of Humor





kent69 said:
Nov 15 '14, 11:04AM

Ambitious 84%
Inteligence 41%
Loving 36%
Personality 33%
Out going 30%
Sense of humor 3%

SophieX said:
Nov 4 '14, 9:19PM







weirdone said:
Oct 18 '14, 3:19AM

i got loving and its true everyone says im to nice and no wonder no one laughs at my jokes i score humor last how sad ):

ShyBlueButterfly said:
Oct 15 '14, 6:29PM

I got "intelligence"! But, to be honest, I really liked this quiz!

Xantos said:
Oct 7 '14, 9:03AM

You know the quiz is broken when you get outgoing as a result but you are shy as hell

zmzmzmzem said:
Oct 6 '14, 9:15PM

*Feels dejected* It says I have 0% send of humor!

redxx said:
Oct 3 '14, 7:46PM

What's Your Best Quality?
Your Result: Sense of Humor

Your best quality is your sense of humor! People like you because you can find humor in any situation. You love to make people laugh. This makes you a fun person to be around.





0%Intelligence (#wellthen #isee)

buddyboy said:
Sep 24 '14, 6:46PM

It was right on the money!:)

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