what redneck are you?

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Jenny986 said:
May 9 '12, 4:17AM

what redneck are you?
Your Result: hank Jr
a bottle of jack and a few rowdy friends is your life. you like country music and just hanging around. you know what its like to be laid up here in a country state of mind

cc95 said:
Sep 29 '11, 2:32AM

i got hank jr:) im a girl that drives a truck an lives in the backwoods in a trailer. heck yeah im a redneck!

jackie5533 said:
Aug 24 '11, 8:09PM

I gotta hillary clinton, I'm good with it. I am proud to be a city girl. plus a redneck is another word for white trash, who live in a trailer. honey that is nothing to be proud of!!!!

evilminor said:
Feb 21 '11, 2:35PM

no need to censor things

Hunteriscool said:
Jan 25 '11, 10:21AM

David allen coe :P

Redneck Lover said:
Nov 16 '10, 11:29AM

Well hell yea hank jr city slickers...

Redneck Lover said:
Nov 10 '10, 11:52AM

HEy yall iam from nashville tennessee born and raised in the southern mud country rednecks kick ass.

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