What Punishment do you deserve

Have you ever wondered what punishment you truly deserve, do you believe that you were treated unfairly when you were at school, or perhaps your still at school wondering what would happen if I made those decisions... well thankfully there's a quiz that just might answer your questions about what punishment do you truly deserve.

Wouldn't it be cool if you knew what would happen to you before you made a bad move, well here's a quiz that might just help you do that, in fact you never know the experience might be better than you think who will be getting the last word will it be you or your teachers.

Created by: Philip Cheng
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. In order to make your self infamous in school would you
Get Artistic and Spray paint your tag
Beat up some one older than you for there lunch money
Start playing the Grease theme song on the PA system
Poison the librarians gold fish
Join the school Football team as a front to starting your own gang
Steal the role call list in order to obtain every ones phone number
4. What sounds more familiar when a teacher says "shouldn't you be in class instead of running around?"
Sir I swear I have PE
Sir How come your not in a class, shouldn't you working
Sir I'm in your class
Sir I'm trying to keep fit for the next game
Sir who do you think you are my mother
Sir I can't find my rape whistle you wouldn't have a spare
5. Which subject did you do best in
Design and technology
6. If you see a kid that's younger than you getting being teased and bullied do you
Start teasing and bullying the kid as well
beat up the bully
Tell the teacher
Walk away
Start another fight to make things worse
Wait till the fight is over offer protection for a price and then set up a business
7. When traveling on a bus do you
Make as much racket as you possibly can
rolling up paper and using them as spit balls
start graffiting on the seats about how much you love some one
Write one of your enemies mobile number at the back of the bus and then write CALL ME NOW
Start ripping up the seats with a pocket knife
Chew bubble gum and dispense of it under the seat
8. When confronted with another student do you
Insult his/her mother
attack and then ask questions later
let them hit you but prepare for a law suit
Kiss your opposition so he appears like your gay lover
Blow up his letter box on the weekend
Get to a phone as quickly as possible and report your enemy as a suspected terrorist
9. School Spirit translates to me as
Yet another excuse for the school to fully appreciate my talent
A way that the school lets me dodge classes
A way that I can pick up boys/girls
A way that the school can get more money regardless of how much they charge my parents
Another event where I have to participate even though I'd much rather do a lunch time detention
School Spirit did some one die to make that word or was it non existant to begin with
10. I did my high school certificate at a
Catholic School
Anglican School
Islamic School
Military School
International School
11. Which was your favorite teen high school movie
The Breakfast Club
Wierd Science
Rebel without a Cause
American Graffiti
12. When given a punishment do you
role your eyes back and undertake it bitterly
Start swearing abusively to your teacher
ignor the punishment completely and act like nothing happened
Start a Rampage starting from every person that ever wronged you
Accept that youve made a mistake and got caught and carry out the punishment as quick as possible
Maliciously plan out some revenge but get bored and just spread a rumour

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