What Pretty Little Liars Character are you?

There are many Pretty Little Liars. Which one are you? Take this test to find out which, beautiful, lieing, smart, clueless, blackmailing, cheating, Pretty Little Liar Girl you are!

Do think your like Aria, Alison, Emily, Spencer, Or the mysterious A? Take this amazing quiz to find out. Do you lie, steal, and cheat people? Well in just a few seconds thanks to this amazing quiz you will find out!

Created by: amazon
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1. How is your parents relaionship?
They're divorced
They get along great
I caught my dad cheating and now they are separated separates
My dads usually at army bases
They don't see much of each other but get along fine
2. How do you usually dress?
sporty, comfortable
designer, im a fashoinista
preppy, with a twist
exotic, lots of feathers
sevens jeans, designer tops
3. What is your hair type like?
Blond, straight
dark brow, straight, chlorine damaged
black, straight
brown, wavy
ash blonde, elegant curls
4. Would you ever cheat on your homework?
If i really needed to
No, I like to earn my own credit
5. Would you ever steal?
Yes, if i just had to have it
No, I would be to scared to get caught
6. How do you feel about girls kissing?
Your disgusted with the idea
You have or do kiss girls
You can except people for who they are
Maybe, if they really couldn't help it
7. If you caught one of your parents kissing someone thats not your mom or dad what would you do?
Tell the parent
Hide it and act like you didn't see
Ask and listen to a friend
8. If you caught a boy peeping in your window what would you do?
Throw a stink bomb in his garage with your friends.
Tell one of your parents
Call the police
Ignore it
9. In your group you are?
The leader
The wanna be
The loyal supporter
The competitive one
The left out one
10. What guys are you most attracted to?
Older guys
Your sister's boy friends
Guys you can't have

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