what power do you have?

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cronell said:
May 19 '16, 2:23PM

nikkie said:
Jan 3 '16, 10:13AM

Of course,really I accept it I love it bit 44%fly 86% conrtol water

Eywrynn said:
Nov 5 '15, 9:27AM

im invisebility 80% 58% control water and 56% fly

Maddie Hollywood said:
Oct 8 '15, 5:25PM

good quiz

darkheart2 said:
Jul 12 '15, 6:33PM

I am invisibility 77%
you're a shy, person who likes to keep things to him/her self. You're a sneaky person, and worry what people think of you. You are NOT an open book, and you want people to just leave you alone sometimes, so you can think about things.
Describes me perfectly love the Quiz

Apr 25 '15, 1:34PM

Absolutely correct. I feel the same thing and i am a Naure Lover.

NikkiHem16 said:
Feb 12 '15, 9:29AM

I got water, the 50% of invisibility and 11% fly and i justkpt on laughing bc I could only imagine someone trying to fly and falling

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