What pokemon will you be?

I created this quiz because I love pokemon. Pokemon is so exciting to watch, play, and find out what pokemon you're most like! Maybe this quiz could encourage you to make your very own pokemon quiz for other people!

What pokemon are you most like? Find the answer in this quiz! Will you be a hard working Hitmonchan? Or maybe a loyal Staravia. There are 8 different pokemon you could be. What are they? Take this quiz to find out! Based on your answers to questions, this quiz will tell you which pokemon you are most like!

Created by: Chris
1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
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2. What is your gender?
3. One of your trainer's pokemon gets stolen by Jessie, James, and Meowth. What do you do?
You calm down and know you and your trainer can come up with a solution.
You just relax thinking, "There's nothing I can do."
You think "I bet this will be too easy. Besides, it's only Jessie, James and Meowth."
You search for them as your trainer told you.
You are confident that you and your trainer will find them and give them some payback.
You like the idea that you and your trainer will go on an adventure and soon stop them.
4. You win a contest. What do you do?
You celebrate with your trainer for a job well done.
You think it was way too easy.
You go home and relax.
You get excited and thank your trainer for training you so hard.
You will keep training to get better and better.
You go home and meditate to get your energy back.
5. What do you think your best at?
Cheering your trainer on
Protecting your trainer
Obeying your trainer
6. How would you describe yourself? (5 points depending on answer)
The best pokemon ever
Lazy and Relaxed
Bold and brave
Very obedient and protectful to your trainer
Hard working and confident
Calm and grateful
7. Your trainer catches a new pokemon. What do you do? (4 points depending on answer)
Don't let it take up your relaxing spot.
Teach it how to be calm and grateful.
Teach it how to guard and obey your trainer well.
You think, "I'm way stronger then him".
You tell it to keep working hard so it can achieve it's goals.
Teach it how to be bold and brave.
8. Do you like to go on adventures with your trainer?
9. If you are training, how long would you want to train until you had a break? (6 points depending on answer)
1 minute
However long your trainer wants you to (Because you trust him)
30 minutes (But you still think, "I'm already the best pokemon ever, but I'll do it anyway.")
However long it takes to achieve your goal and get a lot stronger
10. You lose a battle. What do you do? (4 points depending on answer)
Think, "That's impossible!!".
Keep trying and working hard so you can be even stronger.
Go home and relax.
11. What is your motto? (6 points depending on answer)
If at first you don't succeed, try try again!
Expect to always win.
Have a good time and relax.
12. Do you expect to win every battle? (6 points depending on answer)
13. What would you rate this quiz out of 5? (Doesn't effect answer)

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