What Nickname Suits Your Personality

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ashley89 said:
Oct 26 '07, 1:15PM

this test was whack

Margherita said:
Oct 25 '07, 7:18AM

You should have done a multiple quiz not a single quiz! I'm sorry but I didn't really make sense

uzamakigirl14 said:
Oct 23 '07, 9:45PM

i like my cute nickname! GO! SMOOCHIE CUDDLEKINS! woops... sorry about that.... omg! my dads home! bye!

gorewhore said:
Oct 23 '07, 1:28PM

this was so gayyyyyyy.

fu nickname said:
Oct 18 '07, 10:19PM

sucks my left nut

mnm25796 said:
Oct 10 '07, 3:44AM

i think it is cool. I got a good answer thanx for doing that quiz!!!

Soccerstar said:
Oct 7 '07, 2:35AM

NOT good.. what kinda nicknames are those anyway?

EmoSolider said:
Oct 4 '07, 4:16PM

didnt really tell me my nickname, it gave a list... me no likey

pivotchunkyDX said:
Sep 29 '07, 4:38PM

i hated this it was a waste...........veiw my quizzes

bandnerd08 said:
Sep 29 '07, 2:23PM

haha smoochie cuddlekins is funny

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