What Nickname Suits Your Personality

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JessicaLestrange said:
Sep 15 '12, 9:35AM

They sure were some weird nicknames! My nickname at school is actually Malfoy.

wolf75677 said:
Sep 14 '12, 9:14PM

dude, my real name is matthew,and im called THE GETTER at ,y school not those lame dumb names

JohnLennonLover said:
Aug 28 '12, 4:29PM

Um.... odd... unique! But odd.

flurplefeishy said:
Aug 26 '12, 8:04PM

WHAT? That makes no sense. I HAVE HAIR! Terrible quiz!

RareAquaPebble said:
Aug 26 '12, 11:55AM

that doesn't make any sense wt-flip people...

chopinssonata said:
Aug 26 '12, 12:55AM

I didn't wanna be rude but, I'm sick of those "you'll get kissed on friday if you post this comment to at least quizzes or you'll die". Has that ever come true? it's just really stupid.

xXMidnightXx said:
Aug 7 '12, 4:17PM

I got Smoochie Cuddlekins...

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