What Nickname Best Describes You?

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Doggy said:
Mar 18 '17, 1:43PM

I got Josie smith omg it said stuff and that's totally me I'm just like that the way they described omg my perfect nickname although I already have a nickname in real life (Nikki)

Haider Ali said:
Jan 12 '16, 12:33AM

waw,i got my real nickname, (Brian Ross)

Haider Ali said:
Jan 12 '16, 12:32AM

waw,i got my real nickname, (Brian Ross)

jhowarth said:
Oct 24 '15, 9:38AM

i got fricking Robert Brown!!! jesus christ i hate that nickname

Blerr said:
Oct 13 '15, 4:21PM

I literally got Courtney and I'm like so creeped out cause my real name is courtney.

jubilee said:
Jul 27 '14, 11:02PM

i got courtney yayyyy

MayRose said:
Sep 14 '11, 1:07AM

Morgan Talugon.I may be mean at some times but im not that mean!But i do like violence XD

Jester said:
Jul 31 '11, 3:24AM

Ha! Main said am mean

blackbear143 said:
May 18 '11, 3:12PM

ahhh! i got a boy name! sheesh i said i was a girl, why didnt the quiz understand that?! i got "Isaac Jones" what kind of nickname is that? what kind of nicknames are all of these?! person who ever made this, your quiz sucks... no offence... well... maybe a little... XD

adventurebiatch said:
Jan 29 '11, 10:34PM

Josie Smith? Cool.

Cuddles said:
Feb 4 '09, 1:02AM

Ahh! I got a boy result! Search a quiz called "wat is ur girly nickname". post your result at that comments section.

xxdarkxx said:
Feb 4 '09, 12:59AM

Ahaha. Mine said that I'm smart and down to earth, and I'm not boy crazy basically. Hehehe. Perfect for me.

Cuddles said:
Feb 4 '09, 12:58AM

Your Result: Courtney Aguilera

You Are Very Sweet And Shy. You Care For Anybody In The Earth. You Agree With People About Their Problems...Or Maybe Dating Advice! Your Not Only Just Sweet And Shy, You Are Also Clever! You Never Let Your Friends Down. That Makes You Get As At School Days.

Robert Brown
Josie Smith
Brian Ross
Morgan Talugon
Isaac Jones

=D Take it again! =)

xxdarkxx said:
Feb 4 '09, 12:56AM

Josie smith. ^.^

Cuddles said:
Feb 4 '09, 12:55AM


Cuddles said:
Feb 4 '09, 12:52AM

Yeah I'm here. what result did you get?

xxdarkxx said:
Feb 4 '09, 12:52AM

Hey cuddles. You there?

kuwana said:
Dec 12 '08, 12:56PM

yeah courtney!!!!

Fallen_Angel said:
Nov 24 '08, 8:58PM

Issac Jones? I'm a girl! This was dumb...

Connie said:
Nov 9 '08, 6:22PM

Ally Use Some Credit Cards For Respect You (Beep). Josie Smith. Mmhmm Thats My Type!

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