What Nickname Best Describes You?

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Doggy said:
Mar 18 '17, 1:43PM

I got Josie smith omg it said stuff and that's totally me I'm just like that the way they described omg my perfect nickname although I already have a nickname in real life (Nikki)

Haider Ali said:
Jan 12 '16, 12:33AM

waw,i got my real nickname, (Brian Ross)

Haider Ali said:
Jan 12 '16, 12:32AM

waw,i got my real nickname, (Brian Ross)

jhowarth said:
Oct 24 '15, 9:38AM

i got fricking Robert Brown!!! jesus christ i hate that nickname

Blerr said:
Oct 13 '15, 4:21PM

I literally got Courtney and I'm like so creeped out cause my real name is courtney.

jubilee said:
Jul 27 '14, 11:02PM

i got courtney yayyyy

MayRose said:
Sep 14 '11, 1:07AM

Morgan Talugon.I may be mean at some times but im not that mean!But i do like violence XD

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