What Nanny Mcphee child are you?

Hi, this is a quiz to determine your Nanny Mcphee Character! I hope you enjoy. I'm most like Simon, which is probably right actually! Good luck then! I wonder who your most like!

I don't know what to write here xD. Sooo. Hi, again. No-one even bothers to reed this stuff soo. But I have to write it so if your reading it, hi. I guess ._.

Created by: Joey

  1. Are you the center of attention?
  2. Do you come up with most ideas?
  3. Are you considered sensible?
  4. Are you in-charge?
  5. Do you read alot?
  6. Do you have lots of caring friends?
  7. Are you creative?
  8. Are you brainy?
  9. Are you loyal?
  10. Are you kind?

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