What Medieval warrior are you?

Medieval armies were composed of different kinds of warriors. Some armies favoured brave horsemen who fear no man, and some preferred cunning horsmen who use tricks to win. And some simply preferred Barbaric warriors who love only bringing destruction.

What kind of warrior are you? Take this quiz and you will realize what warrior you might have been had you lived in those times. You will also have an idea of what weapons you might have used if you lived in those ties.

Created by: Ahmad
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2. What is your gender?
3. Which weapon do you identify most with?
Battle axe
4. You are engaged in battle and the enemy infantry is advancing. What would you do?
Get on my horse, and charge
Wave my sword and challenge individual soldiers to duel
Raise my bow, and shower them with arrows
Fake a retreat and draw them in a trap
Wield my big ass battle axe, roar, and then charge
5. In the midst of battle, a scary looking knight approches me. I will......
Gallop my horse towards him and disembowel him with my lance
With my shield in one hand, I strke him with my sword.
Avoid him as I am much better in archery than melee
Turn my horse to the other direction and run away and as he is following i will take him out with my bow
Take him dow by killing his horse, and before he gets up my axe will be in his skull.
6. After the enemy is defeated you end up with a prisoner. What will you do with him?
I will put him up for ransom, but I will treat him well.
Take his armour and weapons and lock him up
Kill him and take his skull as a trophy
7. On your days off you like to....
Enter jousting tournaments
Engage in friendly sword duels
Practise archery
Loot and plunder
8. You believe that ....... is one of the most important determinants of victory
Chivalry and Bravery
Good swordsmanship
Accuracy and Precision
Sheer Brutality
9. If you were two have a title what would it be?
The Chivalrous
The Champion
The Accurate
The Centaur
The Skull Splitter
10. Your city is besieged by the enemy. Every man is ordered to fight. What would you do?
Order the city gates open, and lead a cavalry charge into the heart of the army
Challenge their best soldier to a duel
Man the walls and shower the enemy with arrows
Leave from the back of the city and then engage in hit and run tactics against the enemy
I never liked living in cities anyway, I would simply take advantage of the panic to loot people's houses
11. What kind of enemy do you despise the most?
Spearmen because they keep killing my horses
Archers, because they rarely fight face to face
Heavy cavalry, they can run over me
Light horsemen, they can always catch up with me when I retreat
I despise all eho stands against me Grrrrrr
12. You dont actually think that the results of this quiz will really make you a warrior.....do you?
I am already a warrior dumbass

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