What Made Up Harry Potter Character Are You?

There are hundreds of characters in the HP world. Some are more improtant than others. Some should have a lover or family or friend. Some we know and love needed others to help and guide them.

Which of these people are YOU? Are you a real fighter or a muggle? Are you the daughter of Snape or the Potter's long lost child? Well take this quiz to find out!

Created by: Josie of Juno
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. How is your family life?
O.k. I guess, I live with foster parents, but my real parent is out there.
I'm an orphan, but I spend lots of time with others and so does my older brother.
I am married and happy.
I am with my parents. Both own a store and I help.
I live with my wife and a jobless son!
4. Who is your lover?
*blushes* George Weasley
I have a lot of bfs. But definately a cutie
Severus Snape
my wife, thank you.
5. What did you think when you hear Harry Potter?
He's o.k. A brilliant wizard and good at Quidditch, but I didn't tell you that.
We are very close, almost *family*.
Brave, trustworthy, but can do better at school.
Ah yes, the Boy Who Lived. I know him.
6. What is your hair color?
Auborn brown
7. Which subject do you like best?
Broom Flight or Quidditch
Defense Against the Dark Arts
8. Would you ever want to be famous?
9. How do you prefer to travel?
floo powder
10. What is your favorite movie?
Edward Scissorhands
The Princess Bride
a what?
11. What is your favorite candy?
Jelly beans
any kind as long there is sugar
Pay Day's
12. What is your favorite book?
Anything Stephen King
Tales by Edgar Allen Poe
20,000 Leagues Under the Sea
Tales of King Arthur
13. What house do are you in?
Slytherin, big deal?
a flat above my parents shop
14. What do you think about Voldemort?
He killed thousands of people. I am not joining him no matter what my title is.
He tore my family apart and killed my parents. I Hate Him!
Him and his followers are evil and scary, except for one.
who's he? it's a he, right?
I vowed my life to fight him and bring peace.
15. *DH Spoilers* What is your reaction to the Seventh Book of Harry Potter?
Wow, Harry does live.
I can't believe it's finally over!
Noooo, Severus dies!
Really good ending.
Moody, gone, along with Snape. Should have seen that one coming.
16. Who is your favorite teacher?
Snape or Hagrid
Hagrid, but Remus Lupin was safer
From my day, Flitwik
My novelization teacher
Dumbledore all the way
17. *DH Spoilers* Who should have lived in Harry Potter?
Severus and Fred
Sirius, Severus, Remus, Tonks, Lily, James, all the good guys!!!!
Severus, Dumbledore, Lily and Sirius
Tonks and Fred
Dumbledore and Moody
18. What is your favorite color?
Blue and black
light blue
green and yellow
19. What do you want as a job?
Auror, but I'm a teacher
Shop owner
20. If you were looking in the Mirror of Erised, what would you see?
My father, I, and husband with his brother happy
My family together and some candy
Me in my husbands arms
My face in the newspaper and have a lot of money
Have a shop with a booming buisness

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