What Kind Of Whovian Are You?

Doctor who fans have been described as "some of the best people you'll ever meet...surrounded by the worst" but of course, just as there is one type of trekkie, there are many types of whovians, a complex and diverse fanboy subspecies as any...

So where do you fit into the scheme of things? perhaps this long winded quiz will help you find out...have fun, and don't take the results too seriously...blah blah blah this box needs a few fair words minimum da de da

Created by: liam of liam's myspace
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1. What is your age?
Under 18 Years Old
18 to 24 Years Old
25 to 30 Years Old
31 to 40 Years Old
41 to 50 Years Old
51 to 60 Years Old
Over 60 Years Old
2. What is your gender?
3. Do you drink/smoke/do drugs whilst watching DW?
oh yes, always
have in the past
might try it
CERTAINLY NOT! tea for me...
4. Do you have any food/drink rituals you associate with watching DW?
i get a few beers and a takeaway,maybe
usually have dinner when watching
i usually snack during the show
cup of tea maybe
i eat doctor who licensed tie in confectionary
5. Do you prefer to be alone, or at least with other Whovians whilst watching DW?
Alone, i'd want to strangle my chuckling friends
don't care...
i like to watch with my local group
i do minut eby minute critical updates on my dicussion board
alone, at 4am, with a post pub bottle of spirits & a kebab
i'm usually with my family
6. Did you like the 2005+ series?
NO! it's a continuing travesty...
Not really, more misses than hits but the hits keep me watching
yeah, it's ok.
Yes, the doctor & rose are one of the best partnerships in the show's history
i watch it on/off, but buy the dvds.
7. Do you like the 60s Dalek movies?
i like the production design, cushing was ok
what dalek movies?
i only have a vague memory from childhood
nah they suck
yeah, theyre perfectly charming kid's movies
theyre ok but where do they fit in continuity wise?
8. Do you think season 24 was ok?
er..no...no i don't.
it was the beginning of what would become one of the darkest & most intriguing eras in the show
haven't seen it.
from what i've seen, it was pretty rubbish
ah there's a good story or two
IT WAS SUPERB! mccoy was one of the best!
9. Do you think you are one of the only cool Doctor Who fans on the planet?
I am THE coolest whovian. have you seen the rest of them?!
i'm definitely up there
i'm only a teenager
i don't really care...my local group loves me
i'm too grown up to give a damn
10. Do you get disgustingly drunk at conventions?
yep. swayin as nick courtney signs my copy of "5 rounds rapid"
yeah, but i never intend to
don't go to conventions
i have a couple
too young to drink
11. Do you own household items (towels, cruets, duvets etc) that are Doctor Who branded?
one or two things
yeah a few but i wouldnt say i collect them
yeah loads
yeah, i got tons for christmas
YES! even stamps...
12. Have you/Do you plan to write a punk/metal song about Doctor Who
yep. "hand of sutekh" had a facemelting solo
no, but i'd pay to see one
nope, too busy with other fan stuff to do a band
er...i wouldnt know what to write
no but i could do an emo song about rose
13. Got a big action figure collection?
yeah sorta, bit of dapol, this n that
i have a new series dalek, some other stuff
dapol, louis marx, etc...
dapol, louis marx, harlequin miniatures
i got a new series dalek, rose, 10th doctor etc
14. Is Tom Baker Your Favourite Doctor?
Yeah, what a legend...
Yes, i grew up with him
he was excellent but no
no way!!! david tennant!!!
i'm more of a jon pertwee fan...
15. Do you wish people wouldnt get so passionate and angry on discussion forums?
no way, flame those who must be flameth'd..
don't really mind, just keep me out of it
don't use discussion forums
yes it makes me feel uncomfortable
i wish people wouldnt get angry at me getting angry
yes, just because i think christopher eccleston is the best...
16. Have you ever made a fan movie/written fan fiction?
yes, both, many times
once or twice
no, may try someday
i'm too busy with schoolwork
i don't really see the point in that stuff

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