What kind of Vampire are you?

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jirader0 said:
May 26 '15, 10:10PM

93% the hunter

AngelWings32 said:
Aug 1 '14, 1:30AM

The good vamp :3

jubilee said:
Jul 26 '14, 7:43PM

jubilee say 81% good

Maria Ravenwood said:
Jul 6 '14, 10:38PM

The Wise
I'm gonna out live all of you guys! I'm gonna last all eternity!

Mistyangle1 said:
Jul 6 '14, 9:39PM

the hurt so true so very true

nonojackson101 said:
May 2 '14, 10:37AM

The Hunter

You like the feel of the hunt, and you think of humans as prey. You always feel wild and rebellious even when you should calmly think things through. You will never last till eternity with your rage and anger.

EvaTheHybrid said:
Apr 21 '14, 7:31AM

I'm a hunter :D

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