What kind of soda are you?

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SC countrygirl said:
Apr 25 '16, 7:48AM

awsome i pepsi/cola

Mistytail said:
Apr 1 '16, 6:46PM

Orange Crush

You are a probably really strong. You are not hyper and you can always be counted on. That's really good but you need to be crazy. It's just part of life! And, of course, orange crush is really good.

goofy grant said:
Jul 9 '15, 9:16PM

i got root beer MY favorite

PUTZthecat100 said:
Jun 17 '15, 10:43PM

Coca Colaaaaaaa! Pepsi sucks butts tho... anyway I like Sprite and Root Beer better but Cola described me so well... :D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D:D *Runs on top of water to Alaska* hmm cold... * flies back home w/ my beautiful wings* :D

awesome ty said:
Jun 12 '15, 9:01AM

Yay Orange crush my fav :)

kkb325 said:
May 25 '15, 5:45PM

Yay I got rootbeer that's my favorite

hslovut743 said:
Jan 22 '15, 10:38PM

I got orange crush! :)

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