What Kind Of Moron Are You?

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FU22 said:
Mar 28 '16, 7:58PM

I think the person who wrote this quiz is a moron. Therefore I win the quiz.

cxxccxxc said:
Feb 12 '16, 9:21AM

82% Leader of the Morons. 82% Not a moron. I don't have to listen to the leader of the morons while I command my own army of morons! >:D

cxxccxxc said:
Feb 12 '16, 9:19AM

82% Leader of the Morons. 82% Not a moron. I don't have to listen to the leader of the morons while I command my own army of morons! >:D

Muricanpatriot said:
Jan 22 '16, 6:16PM

Not a Moron

I could be a "rare breed", but I have my moments.
Pretty good quiz.

alyssa menner said:
Jun 2 '15, 6:07PM

excuse me!! I am not a superficial moron. maybe my brothers are but I am not, you better take that comment back! I will tell my friends!!

NIghtwing21 said:
May 15 '15, 1:25AM

I am not a moron I am the most intelligent person I know (besides Jesus Einstein Tesla etc.)

Ange Kaperonis said:
Apr 7 '15, 4:17PM

I can't believe I got moron! I tried 3 times. Time for another quiz

Ange Kaperonis said:
Apr 7 '15, 4:14PM

Tried again got 90 percent! Mario got 30 percent and we are a couple . How does this quiz work for relationships? - Angela Kaperonis Rossi

Ange Kaperonis said:
Apr 7 '15, 4:11PM

I got 95 percent! I can't believe it! I will try again!- Angela Kaperonis

BStreet said:
Feb 10 '15, 6:53PM

I'm not a moron? Huh. Thanks. You should tell that to my school teachers.

camostar4 said:
Nov 18 '14, 11:13PM

Crystal Tales said:
Nov 11 '14, 10:03PM

Yay! I'm not a moron.

AngelWings32 said:
Aug 1 '14, 12:16AM

I am not a moron! Haha :3

Naligirl said:
Jul 11 '14, 11:15AM

The leader. All you morons bow down to me

Jellypenguin said:
Jul 3 '14, 11:11PM

Aha I am leader of all you morons

stormfur said:
May 28 '14, 11:42PM

the leader
MWA HA !!!!!!!
GIRLZ RULE!!!!!!!!!^^

pickles123 said:
May 9 '14, 11:59AM

Not a moron :). Whoa, there's a hell of a lot of caps in this quiz.

Mathswizard said:
Nov 26 '13, 5:17AM

I guess that I only got 92% because I would try to avoid saying something that might offend, not that I would actually lie, just avoid telling the truth. My wife however is like a dog at a bone and won't let me avoid answering a question. She then gets upset when I do. :D

Harbor said:
Nov 23 '13, 8:59AM

Haha! I bet only the people who got Not A Moron actually commented.:-D

2Etay said:
Sep 27 '13, 12:18AM

94% not a moron and 74% leader of them. If I led them off a cliff, would that make me a moron, or just mean?

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