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des4life said:
May 30 '12, 1:31AM

I got muscles arent the only things thx love ur quiz

CrystalHere said:
Apr 1 '12, 9:20PM

Its straight 4 MEN and BIO-SEXUAL 4 Women!

CheeseRox said:
Mar 23 '12, 3:35PM

Great Quiz! I got the shy and sweet guy, as always! 8/10 and please make sure to check out my quiz, Doe He Have Feelings For You?

gherkinsgodhorse said:
Mar 23 '12, 4:34AM

Your Result: You have the shy but TOTALLY sweet guy!

He may be suffering from a birth disease that make him act wierd, but once you get to know him he's amazing. He's sweet and maybe even shy, this will be the guy that you keep!

Great quiz!

IceBabe said:
Mar 22 '12, 8:22PM

Your Result: He is a drunkard piece of poop...

He drinks and sleeps with as many people as possible as much as possible. If you get married he will be one heck of a cheater! You will have to fight over him for everything. And he will come home with liquor breath because he has been clubbing all night!

He's hot and hunky.
The muscles aren't the only things thats strong!
You have the shy but TOTALLY sweet guy!
He's nerdy!

At least hot and hunky was after dat..

gibby said:
Mar 22 '12, 7:42PM

HAWT ONES!!!!!!! DUH!!! that's such a no-brainer question! ;)

Ming Ming said:
Mar 21 '12, 6:56PM

Cool quiz!!

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