What kind of girl do you attract?

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Dragonlord1105 said:
Mar 19 '15, 8:50PM

Yo, any shy girls in here that live in England? If so, we should chat

kevman4ever said:
Jan 11 '15, 10:46PM

Yes! I attract goth and emos...I'm in luv

Martinus said:
Jun 11 '14, 3:59PM

quiet and goths all 2 60%, but only the quiet ones were shown in the results,
whatever. ..

heirofmind said:
Jul 16 '12, 3:38AM

Why do they never have classical as an option for music. Its much more stimulating

Kramer58 said:
Jul 14 '10, 11:56PM

All of these think geeks are attracted to me when I don't think that's true

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