What kind of Dog Are You

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NightVisions101 said:
Jul 12 '16, 4:37AM

German Shepherd exatcly like me protective of my friends very lel

Fluffydog258247 said:
Apr 15 '16, 8:38PM

So mean cuz I wanted the puggy cuz my fav! :( instead I got pug as the last

lakeshine said:
Mar 25 '16, 7:22PM

Alaskan Malamute

You love being outdoors and spend very little time indoors. You love to run and tend to run around the block at least once a day. Like many your an athlete but your a track runner. You can get very excited some times to excited and you get on your friends nerves. You don't like being told what to do and tend to argue with those who do.

TabulateJarl8 said:
Feb 29 '16, 1:22PM

im a Alaskan Malamute

cleveland yeay said:
Jan 12 '16, 8:01PM

90% Alaskan malamute

Livi cool said:
Jan 5 '16, 1:25PM

77% Alaskan malamute

Kickinrad said:
Oct 17 '15, 3:28PM

GSD all da way

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