What kind of cynic are you?

The age of advertising has awoken. Each and everyone of you is subject to over 500 advertisements a day. Many people are being conned into buying things they don't need, others refuse to buy things as the advert interupted their favourite tv show.

Are you one of the easily manipulated? Or are you the one to go without? Find if you have found the balance between the brainwashed and the brainwashing...

Created by: BellaBea
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3. You see a documentary about a woman mourning her missing son. It is a 2 hour doco where the mother tells you of her suicide attempt and her fear for her son. During the documentary you are:
Crying. It's just so sad, poor woman, you hope she finds him eventually.
Wonder why she's allowed the film industry to share this with the world. If she was that upset wouldn't she want to try and get over it, not air it on world television.
Get mildly annoyed with her and wonder when she's going to ask you for money.
4. You saw your boyfriend/girlfriend flirting with someone else. When you confront him/her they say "look babe, I'd never do that to you, you're special". You:
Slap them across the face. How DARE they use the 'your special' line on you. Everyone knows that is cue for "i just want to get in your pants"
Fling your arms around them. He/She can be sooo sweet sometimes
Break up with him/her. With a line like that they're quite obviously cheating on you
5. A politician resigns so he can 'spend some time with his family'. This means:
He's had an affair with his secretary and wants to leave the country before the news gets out.
His wife is threatening him with divorce.
He has realised that his working hours are having an effect on his family and he has decided to spend more time with them.
6. You see a girl give her boyfriend a nice watch. You think:
Great. Now where ever and whenever he does something him and everyone else will always know he's with her.
Haha that looks expensive, he can't break up with her now!
*snivel* I wish I had someone in my life
7. A politician makes a movie promoting peace. He uses the death of his sister as an example of how death can affect people. After watching the movie you think:
Well I bet Apple got alot of business after that. He flashed enough of their products around.
He's quite obviously about to run for Prime Minister. It was sick the way he used the death of his sister to make people to feel sorry for him.
It's great that people in power are promoting peace... about time!
8. Someone tells you to shut up and stop being so cynical. How do you react?
You realise they are actually talking to the person next to you.
You tell them to grow up and stop being so naieve. If they want to get brainwashed that's their problem but there's no way you are getting taken advantage of!
You tell them you aren't being cynical, you are being realistic. You aren't being negative, you are pointing out the obvious.
9. Your general look on life is:
It's eat or be eaten
Any problem can be overcome with a positive attitude
It's not life that sucks, it's the people in it!
10. You see a woman completely caked in make-up and hanging off the arm of a sleazy looking man. You:
Walk over to her and hand her the business-card of the local shrink. She obviously has some serious issues.
Smile warmly in her direction. She looks like she's enjoying herself.
Think that she was obviously abused as a child.
11. What is your opinion on marriage?
Over 50% of marriages end in divorce. What is the point?
It is a beautiful event that should be shared with the one you love.
It's a world-class joke. Who the hell are they trying to kid!
12. What does the word 'love' mean to you?
An excuse people use to act like idiots.
World War III
Romantic walks on the beach

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