What kind of archaeologist are you anyway?

It's easy to sit there, thinking you're one of them there archaeological boffs off of the telly, but just what kind of archaeologist are you? Do you know your greyware from your horn core? Do you own a range of trowels?

Take the time to answer these few questions and you, my friend, will find the path to inner peace and contentment. Or at least you'll have found a way to waste an otherwise useless 5 minutes.

Created by: Laurence Hayes
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3. Someone offers you a cup of tea. Do you:
Tell them you'd prefer something a little stronger
Accept, as long as you can add some of your own 'special milk'
Enthusiastically accept and demand some cake also
Accept then roll a fag
Look at the dirty mug with a folorn expression and ask if there's any filter coffee
4. Your supervisor asks you to clear up your loose. Do you:
Grab him by the lapels and threaten him with a machete you found in the temple
Look consfused, jump out of the trench and run off to trench 3
Make a half hearted attempt to cover up the pile of overdug natural with a bucket
Clear up your loose
Demand to see his line manager
5. It's lunch time, and despite spending the morning in a cess pit there are no washing facilities and you want to eat your pastie. Do you:
Cut off someone else's clean hands and use them to hold your pastie like a surrogate knife and fork
Eat the pastie.
Go hungry but make up for it later by eating a packet of hob nobs in front of Emmerdale
Walk off site and demand better facilities
Drive back to the office and stop at the nearest services to wash your hands
6. Your trowel breaks. Do you:
Demand to know what a trowel is and how you came to be holding it
Pick up the broken fragments and attempt to continue by fashioning a running repair from masking tape
Sit motionless like a folorn walrus until someone notices
Get out your spare
Drive to the nearest hardware shop and purchase another
7. Someone suggests the pub. Do you:
Accept. You may be able to defeat them in a drinking contest
Eagerly run off demanding half a Shropshire Lad and a bag of scratchings
Decline- the dinner won't cook itself
It was you who suggested it. what else is there to do?
Accept, but only drink half a coke then head home.
8. Your pockets contain:
a gun and a bag of priceless artefacts
a piece of string and a half eaten sandwich
a multi-tool and your car keys
half a ton of sand, a virtually illegible mobile phone and an opaque biro
your wallet, keys and business cards
9. Somebody asks what you do for a living. You:
smile and tell them they really don't want to know
go on at length about how great it is being an archaeologist
ask them to speak up
change the subject rapidly
10. A passer by lets you know that if you find any gold it's theirs. Do you:
threaten them with your machete and tell them to make themselves scarce
oblige and tell them you'll keep an eye out
laugh heartily
seethe, quietly
tell them to get off the site
11. Do you have a pilot's license?
12. Have you ever appeared on the telly?

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