What kind of animal are you???

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Anurak pakpian said:
Jul 6 '15, 11:26PM


ShewolfTherian said:
Dec 30 '14, 12:06PM

I'm a Wolf :3 I Love Wolves and i am part Wolf. :3

Howlermoon said:
Jul 20 '14, 4:40AM

I'm a wolf and my runner up is a monkey which makes sense cuz my zodiac animal is a monkey

dragongirl said:
Jun 24 '14, 2:36AM

wolfy:You are agile, misunderstood and fierce. You can't be alone and depend on others like family and friends. People are intimidated of you, yet you have a good side also.

ahh-oooooo oo

stormfur said:
May 28 '14, 9:39PM

the she wolf i am

KrimanalTaDragon said:
Feb 1 '14, 4:52PM

how am i a whale when i said i like air?

_StormRyder_ said:
Jan 30 '14, 5:15PM

limited much!! i chose tiger for the last question and my result is the wolf... odd. i do luv both animals

InternetChick said:
Dec 11 '13, 6:12PM


lovebooksandme said:
Sep 28 '13, 10:19AM

I am a WHALE!! :D

DalekThay said:
Aug 2 '13, 3:13AM

I'm a monkey because I'm friendly? Have you seen monkeys irl? They are not friendly. They are possibly the nastiest animals on the planet.

unikat35006 said:
Jul 26 '13, 6:47PM

.______ ___________.

TailsPrower24 said:
Feb 16 '13, 8:01PM

hey guys,I'm a monkey.

horselover9 said:
Nov 30 '12, 10:39PM

Im a wolf... I WANTED TO BE A HORSE!!!! WAAAAAAAHH!! ;_; guess they dont have horses in the category.. oh well! To the next quuiizz!!!! Lol :D

vampiresmymuse said:
Apr 20 '12, 8:03AM

wolf!hhhhooowwwllll *this ones spot on. Fierce intimidating misunderstoodthat's so me!

truewolf14 said:
Mar 9 '12, 12:11PM

of coarse im a wolf duh!!!!! i am one in real life too so of coarse its true

hm41226 said:
Jan 8 '12, 5:41PM

Wow, I'm a whale, I wanted to be a wolf, but i suppose the whale describes me like i dunno.....PERFECT!! Anyhoo....LOVE THIS QUIZ!!!!!!!

ruby62 said:
Dec 29 '11, 5:26PM

i am a monkey yay

j decomarmond said:
Oct 11 '11, 1:34PM

wow it said i was wolf this time i think its real

luvlolli said:
Oct 8 '11, 7:59AM

LOL imma monkey!!!!

Unikat said:
Sep 23 '11, 10:47PM

Your Result: Tiger

You are extremely powerful, yet naturally beautiful. You are independent and don't need others to care for you. You find it hard to attatch yourself to other people.

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