What kind of a boyfriend should you have?

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Godess101 said:
Jan 11 '14, 9:56PM

Please take my quiz Ummmmmm.... Are You Bored
It's better then it sounds. I think. Hmmm... Amity...

lil_sista1394 said:
Dec 20 '11, 12:30PM

i should totally have a Cowboy but hay reble i sfine too ! :)

Lucy Hale said:
Nov 28 '11, 10:30PM

City man totally

Crimson Otaku said:
Nov 27 '11, 1:12PM

I got rebel...that's just so like me.

gimmegame78 said:
Nov 26 '11, 11:44PM

I got rebel. Damn straight i got rebel.

deadly silence said:
Nov 26 '11, 10:46PM

Rebel. strange, I thought that city boy would be more to my taste. Good quiz :)

Lil hihi said:
Nov 26 '11, 4:52PM

Gotoquiz.com/am_i _a n_awesome_person

Alex4465 said:
Nov 26 '11, 3:55PM

city man totally!!!!! plus i already have a city man i mean like none of those favorite animals say me!!! mines a tiger!!!! FEIRCE JUST LIKE ME!!!!! (GROWLS)

Horseluver said:
Nov 26 '11, 12:50PM

You should have more chioses, a cowboy is definitely me, but for others, not so much

Wolfeyes77 said:
Nov 26 '11, 12:44AM

I got rebel XP

harpusrox7 said:
Nov 25 '11, 10:04PM


iknowiamgr8 said:
Nov 21 '11, 9:31AM

i got a cowboy and seriously u need more choices- i mean i don't think i m ever gonna fall in love with a COWBOY!

TypicalCaliGirl said:
Nov 14 '11, 9:53PM

i agree, there should have been more choices. other than that good quiz.

HPFreak123567 said:
Nov 13 '11, 10:07PM

honestly i think you should have put more choices for what kind of bf you should have and for the answers to the questions..

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