What is Your View on Christmas?

People can see Christmas in many ways. How do you see it? You can see it in a good or bad way. Are you more like a crank or a happy elf? Take this quiz and find out!

Are you too cranky at Christmas or are you a perfect Christmas angel? This simple quiz will tell you your view on Christmas. I really hope that you enjoy taking it. Merry Christmas!!!!!

Created by: Meg
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3. You are at the mall and it is not even thanksgivign yet,but the mall is decorated for Christmas. What do you do?
Leave in a hurry, it's too early for Christmas
Start shopping, you can't wait to give presents to your friends and family.
Make a wish list of things you want, you can't wait to open presents.
You walk around and enjoy the decorations, they are so pretty.
4. What do you like to do on Christmas Eve.?
Wonder what you will get for Christmas.
Try to not think about what is coming the next day.
Set out presents under the tree.
Watch a Christmas movie or T.V special.
5. What is your favorite thing about Chirstmas?
The decorations,food,and family time.
I hate Christmas.
Getting gifts.
Giving gifts.
6. Your friend asks you if you want to do a secret santa thing with your other freinds. What do you say?
No, I hate secret santas!
Yes, I'd love to give someone secret presents!
Yes,I'd love to get secret presents!
Yes, I love secret santa's!
7. How early do you put up your Christmas tree?
Before Thanksgiving
Right After Thanksgiving
Mid December
I don't have a tree.
As late as possible.
8. Do you believe Santa?
Yes, Of course.
No, I'm not a baby!
I don't care I get presents out of him!
Yes, he gives presents to all the good people!
9. You are at the mall and you see a really cool thing that you want,but you haven't gotten one of your freinds a present yet. What do you do?
Buy it for my friend of course.
Buy for myself I'll make my friend something.
. . .ahhh. . . buy it for my friend
Buy it for myself, I'm more imporant then my friend!
10. What do you do right before bed on Christmas Eve?
Put milk and cookies out for Santa and a carrot for the reindeer.
Put my presents to my family under the tree.
Just go to bed like any other night.
Wonder what gifts I'll get the next day.
11. You just notices that you had forgotten to get a present for your Best Friend and there isn't time to go shopping. What do you do?
Make her a really nice card and put money in it.
Give her a few bucks.
Don't give her anything.
Give her something you already have.
12. What is one word you would describe Christmas with?

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