What is your true name that fits you best?

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Aprilmonth said:
Mar 7 '15, 12:35PM

Your Result: Victoria 86%
Victoria is a name that is just quiet. Loves staying at home spending time with family, having lots of siblings. Reads books for fun. But there is nothin wrong with that and you know that and you dont care what anyone thinks about you.

Describes me, but I'm not Victoria and I'm SO glad I'm not. My name is Faith.

EragonLover said:
Jun 27 '11, 4:21PM

austen... um im a girl

ashleywhoo said:
Dec 21 '09, 2:48PM

I got Ashley.....

th at is my name very good quiz

vanna1309 said:
Jan 9 '09, 4:15PM

This is my quiz and i thank you. Can yall get all your friends to take this quiz!!!!!!!!!!!

vanna1309 said:
Jan 9 '09, 4:13PM


misskiss said:
Jan 3 '09, 5:13AM

Victoria. the description fit me well. good quiz.

mileyXO said:
Jan 2 '09, 10:45PM

omw, plzz keep the bashing 2 your self!! good quiz!!
miley rox my sox off!!

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