What is your strongest emotion?

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Stardust1 said:
May 20 '17, 8:47PM

What is wrong with this quiz? I'm not sad all the time! And when happiness is next up on the list... You just had a bunch of disasters mentioned in your quiz, so if I feel bad, then it's because I'm CARING. Terrible quiz.

Hiccstrid said:
Oct 11 '16, 8:23PM

I got jealousy

Like wtf I'm not ever jealous

Isaberr said:
Jul 2 '16, 1:47AM

This is me, sadness. I get upset easily. This is true. Its a little embarrassing

tomahawker314 said:
Nov 25 '14, 1:59PM

I got sadness, not surprised i was clinically depressed for a year and a half as a teenager, never got the confidence back and can't find love.

mecroshac said:
Oct 25 '14, 1:38AM

Holy crap, jealousy. Wanting what you can't have? That is exactly me.
Though the me not having fear part is wrong; I have fear, but I have fear of not being good enough and of being annoying. Does that count? xD
Oh yeah and I forgot about that I'm paranoid. (I have paranoia xD) but yeah..does that count as fear?

loljames said:
Aug 7 '14, 4:54PM

fear lol, it's probably true since it took me five minutes to get the guts to post this

lindseyt said:
Jul 26 '14, 5:12PM


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