What is your Spirit Animal

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Lostsoul341 said:
Jan 6 '16, 10:11PM

I got tiger! RAWR

Omega said:
Sep 3 '12, 10:27AM

ima eagle, tiger, and a deer! my fave animals! truely!

DarkLord223 said:
Dec 11 '11, 3:19AM

I am TIger

lorelie said:
Jul 12 '11, 10:44PM

What is your Spirit Animal
Your Result: Wolf
You are wise and smart with a sense of adventure. You have a way out of every problem, don't you? You also care for your family. Trust me, The wolf is one of my spirit animals.

xxemogirlxx111 said:
May 25 '11, 9:25PM


maga45 said:
Mar 13 '11, 2:05PM

at first it said i was a tiger but on the page said there was a error and 2 click here 2 c what i realy was a wolf wow not what i expected........... ................... .

Shinogirl123 said:
Feb 5 '11, 12:50AM

Wolf....huh, I guess that's appropriate....... Nice quiz....

Prowler24 said:
Dec 11 '10, 9:40AM

damn it, I got the tiger. Why can't I get the wolf?

Fifidee said:
Sep 30 '10, 12:38PM

Tiger.......ROAR!!! !!
Bow down to my awsomeness.

hellos said:
Jul 27 '10, 11:23AM

Rar i r tiger

Blackrosewolf said:
Aug 22 '09, 9:57PM

i got a bald eagle,tiger,and wolf!ooooowwwww!(ho wling)feeeeeewwww(s creeching like an eagle)gggggrrrrrooo oooorrrrrr(roaring like a tiger)

lightning08 said:
Jan 21 '09, 2:23PM

ill go with the wolf
i guess

kakashi12 said:
Jan 9 '09, 4:26PM

i got Tiger OW yeah

tobi092 said:
Jan 8 '09, 12:15AM

i wanted the turtle but i got the tiger! :(

X_StruckDumby_X said:
Jan 7 '09, 2:18AM

Wolf. Yeah that is definetly me. Everybody else is so immature cause the quiz is bad. Not to me! It's cool! A+! =)

"Tanner is mine..."
A quote from the which would fall for you. By: Me! =D

appayipyip said:
Jan 6 '09, 6:52PM

Yeah, Tiger!!!
That's my favorite animal!!!

Chewy_Frog said:
Jan 6 '09, 4:26PM

Wolf, um... ok

starfire3 said:
Jan 5 '09, 10:10PM

tiger that sounds like me lol ^.^

Heaven_Wolf_88 said:
Jan 4 '09, 11:28PM

Hey, Syn_x3, I can put monkey instead of turtle, in "What is your spirit animal 2", ALRIGHT?

syn_x3 said:
Jan 4 '09, 10:59AM

turtle, wtf? xD

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